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BELLINGHAM FAIR: Art Faires, Christmas Fairs, Shopping At Bellingham Washington's Bellis Fair Shopping Mall 

Call it Bellingham Fair, Bellis Fair or just Bellingham's mall. It is at the heart of Bellingham's premiere shopping district on the Guide Meridian. Canadian shoppers have traditionally come to this area in hoards for the great selections and prices, however with the recent parity between the Canadian and US Dollars, shopping in Bellingham just keeps getting better. New discount stores have popped up including a surprisingly attractive and well stocked "Dollar Tree" store has opened and Bellingham's Walmart store is currently undergoing renovations to expand its grocery section, no doubt to compete with the Target store that recently added a complete grocery section of their own. Choose from major discount retailers, mega retailers, specialty stores, and all your favorite mall stores. And then there is the new Costco Store - One of the largest in the country!
Shopping Outlet Stores Near Bellingham Wa
Macy's Department Store At Bellis Fair Mall Target Department Store Bellis Fair Mall  Sears Department Store Bellis Fair Mall Bellingham  Kohls Department Store Bellis Fair Mall Bellingham  JC Penny Department Store Bellis Fair Mall Bellingham 
Macy's Department Store
Bellis Fair Mall

50 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 715-6000
M-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-7pm
Bellingham Target
With Grocery Store

30 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 734-0220
M-Sat 8am-10pm
Sun 8am-9pm
Sears - RIP CLOSED -
Now A Dicks
yes you heard right.
20 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham Wa
360 650-1295
Soon To Be A Sports
Kohl's Bellingham
40 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 527-0701
M-Sat 8am-10pm
Sun 9am-9pm
JC Pennys
Department Store
10 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 676-1615
M-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Shopping Outlet Stores Near Bellingham Wa
If you want to shop at an outlet mall you will need to go further south to Burlington Washington where there is a large outlet store complex, and across the river in Mount Vernon there is a new mega store open with a full service grocery department. You will also pay a lower sales tax than in Bellingham.

Bellingham doesn't have a dedicated outlet mall, at least not yet. Bellingham's current political leaders want to allow only strip malls with small stores like the newly renovated Costcutter strip mall on Lakeway that has been renamed an urban village. What's in a name? If they want to call a strip mall an urban village there is perhaps no harm in it but a strip mall is a strip mall. Fortunately for residents and Canadian shoppers, previous city leaders approved large national retail stores when they did because they help make Bellingham an excellent shopping destination. Other Bellingham Shopping areas include Sunset Square Shopping Center and Multiplex Theaters (Theater Now Closed), just off I-5 at Sunset/Baker Highway.

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Bellingham Washington has a very nice Downtown shopping district with relaxing sidewalk coffee shops and cafes but Downtown Bellingham is more about the relaxing experience than it is the shopping. Many Canadian visitors anxious to do some serious shopping in a limited amount of time are much better off concentrating on shopping on the Guide Meridian corridor of shops and malls.
Bellingham Washington Bellis Fair Mall Shopping Center

Bellingham Washington hotels range from low-end drive up motels to luxury waterfront spas. Perhaps the best all around hotel for convenience, price, and comfort is the Hampton Inn by the Bellingham Airport.

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  • Bellingham Has A Number Of Art Fairs Throughout The Year.
    During the Christmas season there is a Portrait with Santa Port Festival at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal December 3rd at 1pm.
    Sons of Norway Holiday Faire December 3rd at 10am at the Wergeland Lodge #21 at 1419 N Forest Street Bellingham.
    A Hand Crafted Christmas Faire at the Christ Evangelical Church. Bellingham
    Holiday Craft Fair at the Sudden Valley Barn on December 3rd at 10am
    Ski to Sea Art by the Lake Exhibition Art Fair at the Bloedel Donovan Park May 25, 2012
Stuff To Do In Blaine Washington Including The Peace Arch State Park And Marine Park
Bellingham Target   Bellingham Liquor Stores   Bellingham Costco  Bellingham Walmart
Bellis Fair Mall- A Sample of the Many Stores In Bellis Fair Mall - Note: Stores may close and new ones open. Check official Bellis Fair Mall website for current roster of available stores.

Macy's Home Store (360) 715-6000
Abercrombie & Fitch (360) 738-6969
Bath & Body Works (360) 738-6982
Old Navy (360) 676-0343
Boss Wear (360) 752-0036
Pac Sun (360) 647-5858
Radio Shack (360) 671-8003
Famous Footwear (360) 715-0582
Gap (360) 715-0155
Hollister Co. (360) 527-1907
Hot Topic (360) 647-7454
JJ Melrose (360) 734-1055
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