Bellingham Mall And Surrounding Shopping District 
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BELLINGHAM MALL: Bellingham WA Shopping Malls And Shopping Centers In And Around Bellingham

If you're traveling south of the border from Canada in search of one-stop shopping come to the Bellingham Mall. The one and only indoor Bellingham Mall (Bellis Fair) is located at interstate 5 at Guide Meridian and draws shoppers from all over Northwest Washington and British Columbia. Every day, Canadian shoppers pour over the border each day in search of a great selection of products at great prices, as well as those who would rather not have to pay the insanely high taxes on the same products back home in Canada. Bellingham's Shopping Mall has 5 major department stores, one of which has installed a grocery store inside with fresh produce, meat, dairy, and a frozen food section. Have lunch at the food court which offers everything from burgers and fries to seafood, Italian and Asian selections.

Bellingham Mall Shopping Strategy
When you arrive at the Bellingham Mall you may want to have a shopping Strategy.  If you plan on purchasing a whole shopping cart full of milk and cheese you might want to purchase it last otherwise you will have to carry it through the mall or back to your car. For high end or upscale fashions you may want to enter the Bellingham mall from the east end. For the food court enter the mall from the north side. And for home appliances, garden equipment, tools, groceries or to  hit the buffet restaurant, enter the Bellingham Mall from the west side.
The recent value of the US and Canadian Dollar has created a wave of smart Canadian shoppers piling into their cars and coming to Bellingham Washington and additional flights scheduled for Bellingham's airport have attracted Canadian travelers as well.
The Bellingham mall may be the only enclosed air-conditioned mall in Bellingham but that does not mean it is the only show in town. Many national retail stores and membership stores are a virtual mall in themselves, offering true one-stop shopping for Bellingham residents and Canadian visitors.

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Bellis Fair Mall is surrounded by additional strip malls and shopping centers offering discount items, upscale home furnishings, and just about every type of restaurant you could want, from fast food to Italian, Thai, and even Indian food. For a true outlet mall experience you need to stay on the freeway another 25 miles or so to get to Burlington Wa, home to the Prime Outlets shopping center.


Accessories, Bath & Beauty, Electronics, Specialty, Department Stores, Cards & Gifts, Men's Apparel, Shoes, Toys & Hobies, Women's Apparel, House wares & Home Items, Sports & Fitness, Jewelry, Children's Apparel, Restaurants & Eateries, Buffet.
Holister Co Hot Topic Trade Secre JJ Melrose
Journeys Wet Seal Justice Just Sports
Vitamin World Yankee Candle Zumiez Lids
Lane Bryant Copter Crazy Kitchen Collection Woolies
Food Court And Bellingham Mall Restaurants:
Cold Stone Creamery McDonald's Machu Wok Auntie Anne's
Ivar's Seafood Habanero Factory Orange Julius Red Robin
Cinnabon Kojo of Japan Sbarro Subway
J & J Mongolia Grill Lotus Grill Old Country Buffet Mt Baker Candy Co.
NOTE: Stores close and new stores open all the time. Check official store website for current information 

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Bellingham's Mall And Shopping District Are Located On Guide Meridian