Bellingham Shopping Center And Main Shopping District In Bellingham WA 
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BELLINGHAM WA SHOPPING CENTER: One Stop Shopping With 5 Major Department Stores, Food Court, And Now Even Groceries! 

Bellingham's Bellis Fair Shopping Center is located at interstate 5 and the Guide Meridian, both of which are major points of entry for Canadians pouring over the border to Bellingham Wa to shop. Bellinghamsters extend a warm welcome to Canadian shoppers whether they are seeking bargains or just escaping ridiculously high taxes back home. Welcome!

Bellingham Washington is the first major city you come to after crossing into Washington State  and "Bellis Fair" mall is the first enclosed shopping center you will come to.  The next Mall you will encounter while driving south towards Seattle is the Cascades Mall, which is another 25 miles south in Burlington Wa and offers pretty much the same variety of stores although the sales tax is a bit lower in Skaget county.


Bellingham Shopping Centers And Strip Malls Are Scattered Throughout BellinghamShopping The Stores At Bellingham's Indoor Mall

The Bellingham Shopping Center offers one stop shopping in its five major department stores, one of which has recently installed a grocery store inside with produce, frozen foods, meat and dairy products. Fill your shopping cart to overflowing with reasonably priced milk, dairy and cheese products. Shopping during your visit to Bellingham Wa doesn't have to be all work and no play. Enjoy lunch in the Bellingham Shopping Center food court or watch a first run movie in the indoor theaters. You can also take some time out to go Whale Watching or hang out with the locals at a Downtown Bellingham sidewalk cafe.

The enclosed and air-conditioned Bellingham Shopping Center is an all weather shopping and entertainment destination, but on a bright clear Chamber of Commerce day you might choose to browse the shops and enjoy lunch in Bellingham's historic and quaint Fairhaven district, the starting point for the Alaskan marine highway ferry system and also where you can catch a whale watching or bay excursion.

Bellingham Washington is known as the city of subdued excitement but the recent parity of the Canadian dollar with the US dollar has sparked a shopping frenzy amongst Canadian shoppers. Come to Bellingham Washington to shop, play, and gamble your life savings away in a Bellingham area casino. Bellingham area residents, shops and restaurants wish to offer you an open arms friendly welcome to Bellingham Washington.

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Shop, Dine, And Play In Bellingham's Shopping Center And Entertainment Districts 
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