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  BELLINGHAM SHOPS: Shopping For Bargains Galore In Bellingham Washington 

The majority of Bellingham Shops are gathered close to the freeway along Guide Meridian which runs north to south beginning at the Canadian Border. Bellingham residents already know what is where so to we'll presume you are a Canadian looking for bargains and there are many to be had shopping in Bellingham Washington. If you cross into the US at the Lynden border crossing you are on what we call the Guide Meridian. As you enter into Bellingham's main shopping district you will want to either choose the left or right lane well in advance or risk perpetuating the "Asian Driver" stereotype. Left Lane: Wallmart, Liquor store, Taco Bell, Arbys, Apple Computer store, Shell gas station, continue further almost to freeway to Ross, Dollar Tree, Dennys, Indian Flavors, etc. Right Lane: Michaels, Petsmart, Costco, Office Depot, Macy's furniture, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy etc.  Continue on to Costcutter grocery, Barnes and Noble, Pier One Imports, Bellis Fair Mall (Sears, JCPenneys, Macys, Target Etc and the usual assortment of mall shops).  Target has just added a complete grocery section offering fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and deli items as well as isles of frozen foods and caned food isles---This addition has been an awesome success and has already been discovered by Canadian shoppers, so good luck finding a parking space
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Another Gathering Of Bellingham Shops

Take the freeway south one exit to Sunset Ave, cross over the freeway and be in your left lane to turn into Sunset Square shopping center. This is where you can find bargains at Kmart, Office Max, Tuesday Morning, Costcutter Greocery, and other assorted shops as well as a multi screen movie theater.

A few Bellingham shops that are off on their own that Canadian shoppers seek out and frequent in droves are Big Lots on Birchwood st. If you are traveling west on Guide Meridian you would continue west under the freeway, turn right at the first light and continue a short way until you see it on the right. In the same shopping center you will also find a nice Albertsons Supermarket where you can purchase as many gallons of milk that you can stuff into your grocery cart. An experienced milk monger can get 14 gallons in their cart but you could probably fit a few more if you stack them carefully.

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Bellingham Washington has an attractive Downtown shopping area that has the usual sidewalk coffee shops and cafes and a nice home store but in reality Downtown Bellingham is more about the relaxed experience than it is serious shopping. Many Canadian visitors with limited time that want to do some serious shopping will want to stay focused on shopping the Bellingham Shops near the Bellingham Mall on Guide Meridian.  They are much better off doing their damage on the Guide Meridian corridor.
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