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Bellingham Wa SportsPlex And Civic Field Complex

The Bellingham Washington Sportsplex and Civic Field Stadium Complex is the heart of Bellingham area sporting activities. In this day of Xbox, PlayStation and fat children its good to know there is a place where kids and adults can take part in a number of fun activities right in the middle of town.

The Bellingham Sportsplex is a multi-use indoor facility offering year-round and all weather activities for the whole family including Hockey, Ice Skating, and indoor Soccer. The Bellingham Sportsplex offers youth and adult soccer leagues. Ice Skating classes, and youth activities camp featuring a number of traditional playground activities like flag football, kickball and perhaps one of the most horrible playground games ever conceived--dodgeball.

Bellingham Sportsplex
1225 Civic Field Way
Bellingham, WA 98229
(360) 676-1919 
Arne Hanna Aquatic Center
1114 Potter Street
Bellingham, Wa 98229
(360) 778-7665 
Bellingham Civic Field
Orleans & Potter Street
(360) 778-7050 
Arne Hanna Aquatic Center
The Arne Hanna Aquatic center at Bellingham's Civic Field complex offers indoor swimming activites and lessons for beginners both Youths and Adults. You can choose private or semi-private lessons. The Aquatic center itself has four swimming pools a hydrotherapy pool and a 135 ft waterslide.

Admission for adult residents of Bellingham is $4.50 and $5.00 for non-residents. (2013) The center hosts a number of programs throughout the week including Water Aerobics, Deep Water Running and Lap swimming. The Arne Hanna Aquatic Center is very popular with locals and generally opens at 5:30 a.m. Each morning there is a crowd of eager swimmers that seemingly can't wait to hop in the water and begin their morning swimming regimen.
Beautiful Bellingham Washington Old City Hall Building Bellingham Washington's Civic Field And Sportsplex Is Located In The Heart Of The City The Arne Hanna Aquatic Center At Bellingham's Civic Field Complex Offers Lap Swimming, Lessons, And Water Aerobics
Bellingham Dirt Bike Jump Park
Arne Hanna Aquatic Center Bellingham WashingtonDirt Bike Jumping At Bellingham's Dirt Bike Jump Park
The Bellingham Dirt Bike Jump Park, located next to the Skateboard Park on Puget Street has recently been renovated to address drainage issues and give bike daredevils new jumps and thrills.

Some of the changes have also been made to make it easier for beginners with novice slopes and jumps. In fact, half of the park is now dedicated to beginners and small frys just learning to ride and jump with little 2 foot jumps while the advanced portions of the park have jumps up to seven feet!

Dirt Bike Jumping Has Evolved Into A Sport With Its Own Moves And Jumps - Non Dirt Jumpers Almost Need A Dictionary To Understand What Goes On At A Dirt Bike Jump Park. A few common moves are:

ET - Is during a jump, pedaling in mid-air much like the famous scene from the ET movie when the kid goes flying with the alien in his basket
360 - Is spinning yourself and bike in mid-air a full 360 degrees before landing in your original position.
Front Flip / Back Flip - Is pretty self explanatory but it gives no clue of just how difficult a maneuver this can be.
Dangler - While airborne you take both hands off the handlebars and have one foot on one pedal.
Superman - While airborne put feet back in the air and hold on to the handlebars like you are flying like Superman
Canonball - While in mid-air of course, you take your feet off the pedals and then grab your seat with both hands

Mountain Bike Dirt Bike Jumping Can Be Dangerous But Wearing Protection Can Help Limit Your Potential InjuriesThese maneuvers and many more variations on the theme all seem crazy, difficult, and dangerous however once mastered, avid dirt jumpers make it look simple and easy. Always wear knee, elbow and head protection while attempting to dirt jump. Experienced jumpers will tell you, even with protection injuries are common including fractured wrists broken ribs and concussions. 

Other places of interest in the Bellingham Civic Field complex are the Downer Softball Fields - Joe Martin Baseball Stadium, and the Frank Geri Softball Fields.

Arne Hanna Aquatic Center

Bellingham's indoor swimming complex with hydrotherapy pool and waterslide was named in honor of Bellingham City Councilman Arne Hannah.

Photo Arne Hannah Aquatic Center Offers Water Aerobics And Swimming Lessons 
Bellingham WA Civic Field

The Bellingham Civic Field first established in the 1950's now hosts a number of events and activities throughout the year including the Bellingham KIDS Traverse for kids 6-14. The Bellingham Bells Baseball Camp for ages 12 and under, and Hall of Fame Baseball Showcase classes held in July.   

In August the Bellingham Civic Field will host the All Comer's Track & Field with a 50 meter dash and 50 meter hurdles. Events include running, throwing, and jumping for all age categories--Tickets are $4.

The Civic Field area also has a 1.2 mile trail loop that begins/ends at the Sportsplex building then goes north before looping around and back to the Sportsplex.
 Photo Bellingham Mountain Bike Dirt Jump Park  Has Advanced And Beginner Jumps
Photo Alaskan Marine Highway Ferry System ButtonPhoto  Bellingham Old City Hall History Museum Originally Build in 2000. The Bellingham WA Skate Park Underwent A Major Expansion In 2006.

The new portion of the Skate Park adjacent to the existing skate park provide a more tame experience for novices and beginners. Always wear proper knee and elbow pads as well as head helmet protection while using the course.
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