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CURRENT CANADIAN DUTY TAX 2018 Duty Free Limits Are Increasing For Canadian Citizens Shopping In America / Washington State

Shopping in Bellingham Washington Is Convenient, Easy, And Fun. Beginning June 1st, 2012, Canadians will be more in line with Americans when it comes to making duty free purchases south/north of the border.

After a 24hr visit to the USA, Canadians will be able to return to Canada with $200.00 per person duty free.  For Canadians interested in doing some serious shopping in Bellingham for big ticket items like flat screen tvs, furniture, and major appliances, they will have to pay a 13% sales tax as well as other fees for alcohol and furniture. 

Bellis Fair Shopping Mall Exit 256 Of Interstate 5 Freeway

Sorry.. There's No HARMONIZED TAX! In Bellingham Washington. We hope you don't hold it against us.
  • Us Currency AllowancesCanadians visiting the US for 48-hours or more can return to Canada with a whopping $ 800.00 per person DUTY FREE!  This makes the short drive into Washington State for shopping a no-brainer.
  • Fantastic Selection
  • Excellent Prices
  • Friendly Service With A Smile. Washington State Retailers Welcome Canadians With Open Arms--Many Local Stores And Businesses Employ Canadian Citizens Who Understand Canadian Shoppers And Speak the Language.
  • Recent parity of the Canadian and US Dollars it has also become a bustling and lively hot spot for Canadian shoppers. With Christmas just around the corner be sure come early on weekends if you want to beat the crowds and get the best parking spaces.

Crossing The US/Canadian Border Can Be Easy And Stress Free As Long As You Adhere To Some Simple Rules And RegulationsPERSONAL EXEMPTIONS - NEW DUTY RATES

Children, Babies, Teens, All Are Entitled To A Personal Exemption when returning from a trip outside of Canada. The catch is that the declaration by their guardian or parent must state that the goods declared on the child's behalf must be for the child's use, therefore you may have some explaining to do if your child brings back a bottle of whiskey and some cigars. 

Is it unpatriotic for Canadians to shop in the USA? No, in fact exercising your freedom of choice is the most patriotic thing you can do, and keep in mind that Americans can shop in Canada and bring back just as much on their trip north of the border. And there are over 300 million Americans while just about 35 million Canadians. 

When you exercise your rights and freedom of choice by shopping in the USA you can help put pressure on the outrageous prices back home, and thereby help all of your friends and family back in Canada. Also, with all the money you save you can afford to give your family the best of everything they need.

US Canadian Border Crossings Are Made Easier When You Know The RulesRestricted And Prohibited Items At The Border

To use the Peace Arch Border Crossing you must have a passport or another form of document that proves your citizenship. Here is a list of some of the items that are currently restricted or prohibited. Haitian Animal Hide drums have been linked to cases of anthrax, Dog & Cat fur is prohibited, and Gold from the Sudan is a No-Go. The basic rule of thumb is, if it dangerous, expensive, or smells funny don't bring it. Declare everything and play by the rules and your border crossing should be smooth and pleasurable and always be respectful and courteous to the Border Crossing Guards--They don't have to let you through. 

Game Hunting Trophies (Moose Heads Etc) Gold Automobiles (Cars, Trucks, Vans, Smart Cars)
Fruits And Vegetables (Frankenfoods etc.) Dog And Cat Fur Absinthe (Van Gough Drank It And Went Nuts)
Clothing And Textiles Biologicals Medication (Prescription & OTC)
Meats, Livestock And Poultry (No KFC?) Cuban-Made Products Alcoholic Beverages (Beer, Wine, Whiskey etc)
Trademarked And Copyrighted Articles Ceramic Tableware Plants And Seeds
Firearms & Guns, Assault Rifles Soil (Dirt) Military Articles
Photographic Film (Porn & Illegal Photos) Cultural Artifacts Pets (Dogs, Cats, Hamsters)
Haitian Animal Hide Drums Drug Paraphernalia Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Merchandise From Embargoed Countries Fruits & Vegetables Fish & Wildlife (Bears, Cougars, Raccoons)
Alcoholic Wine And Spirits Can Be Purchased At Reduced Prices In Duty Free Stores At The BorderDuty Free Shops At Blaine Wa, Lynden And Sumas Washington Border Crossings

Shop the Duty Free Shops on either the American or Canadian side of the border and save on fun and vice items like Liquor, Wine, Beer, Cigarettes, Gifts, Watches, Chocolates, Cosmetics, and Souvenir Items. As of June 1st, 2012 Canada's duty free allowances have been liberalized. Allowances are $800 over 48 hours and $200 over 24 hours in the U.S.  Canadians staying in the U.S. more than 48 hours are allowed 200 cigarettes, 200 grams of manufactured tobacco, 1.5 Litres of wine or 1.75 Litres of liquor or 24 355 ml cans/bottles of beer or ale. Check U.S. or Canadian customs websites for more information and current allowances.

Bellingham Area Grocery Stores And Supermarkets Offer Quality, Selection, And Value.....

Driving South Of The Border From B.C. To Do Your Shopping Is A No-Brainer.

Excellent Selection
Great Price
Great Service

DECEMBER 2012 Prices: Gallon 2% Milk $2.59
1 Pound Butter $2.99 - 1 Dozen Large Eggs $1.99

Canadian customs laws will allow the duty-free importation of tobacco, alcohol, and gifts by non-residents and residents with some exceptions. Alcohol products are limited to the following:
24 Cans Or Bottles Of Beer       1.14 Liters Of Spirits
200 Cigarettes   
     50 Cigars

1.5 Liters Of Wine

Wondering Where To Shop In Bellingham?  Shop At The Mall In Bellingham Of Course......

Make A Full Declaration: If you don't know what you should declare then play it safe and declare all of your items and then you can sort it out with the border guard. To avoid any trouble be sure to save your receipts and have them available. You should not attempt to bring along any prohibited or restricted items like guns or dangerous fruits & vegetables--(Those with seeds or that may have been genetically engineered).
There's So Much To Do In Bellingham Washington
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