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Bellingham Washington is home to not one, but two Fred Meyers Superstores. Founded in 1922 by Fred G. Meyer in Portland Oregon, Fred Meyers Stores are one of the first chains to introduce the concept of on-stop-shopping. Fred Meyers Bellingham stores have a large grocery, produce, and bakery departments as well as cosmetics, clothing, shoes, toys, hardware, home wares and even home furnishings. One trip through the store and you can see that by far, it is the grocery department that is the mainstay and most popular with local residents. The Fred Meyer Lakeway store serves the southern portion of Bellingham while the Fred Meyer Bakerview is popular with both Bellingham and Canadians.

Fred Meyer Bellingham PRICES
January 2018 About
$ 2.69
Per Gallon USD Regular
$2.99 Premium and $2.89 Diesel
Bellingham Target   Bellingham Liquor Stores   Bellingham Costco  Bellingham Walmart
800 Lakeway Blvd.
Bellingham, Wa 98229
(360) 676-1102 - Pharmacy (360) 738-4243
Hours 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.

1225 W Bakerview Rd.
Bellingham, Wa 98226
(360) 788-2900 - Pharmacy )360) 788-2933
Hours 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.

COUPONS - Shop And Save In Bellingham
with online coupons. Just click and print from your home computer and save anywhere from 10%-25% or more on items you use everyday.
Fred Meyers also has its own rewards program that in effect pays it customers to shop at its stores. Customers receive 1 point for every $5 they spend and if they earn 100 points in a 13 week period they receive a $5 rebate voucher in the mail.
Photo Shopping Bellingham Washington
Whole Foods Grocery
1030 Lakeway Dr.
Bellingham, Wa
360 676-9450
Trader Joes Specialty Store
2410 James Street
Bellingham, Wa
360 734-5166
WinCo Supermarket Near Bellis Fair Mall Across From Value Village And Behind Home Depot Is Now Open Burlington (coat factory?) Store
4131 Meridian Ave.
Bellingham, Wa
360 734-4110
Albertson's Supermarket Is Closed Since Albertsons Merged With Haggens
1650 Birchwood Ave
Bellingham, Wa 98225
360 733-9244
am-12 Midnight
7-Days a week

Food, groceries, seafood, meat, deli, bakery, produce, natural foods, health and beauty, pet food.
Electronics including televisions, computers, software, cameras, video games, videos, DVD's and music.
Clothing, shoes and accessories
Housewares, bed and bath, home improvement, garden, furniture, automotive, toys.
And seasonal merchandise.
In-store Starbucks kiosk and seating area with Deli.
And Fred Meyer's Bellingham Stores also have gas stations as well

Shopping At Fred Meyers Bellingham
Bellingham Fred Meyers Stores tend to be among the busiest stores in town, bustling with activity especially on Fridays and weekends. This can make getting a good parking place a little like finding a spot at the mall during the Christmas shopping season, but there can always be a space to be found around the sides of the building. Bellingham's Bakerview Fred Meyer a larger store than the Lakeway location yet the parking lot seems as if it is actually smaller. You can of course choose to do your shopping during the morning hours and avoid the rush. One thing Fred Meyers is good about is opening plenty of checkout stands, often times every one is open and their staff tends to be amongst the friendliest in town.

Each Fred Meyer supermarket has a full service Pharmacy offering Online prescription refills and Auto Refill service. When you sign up for their Auto Refill Service your prescriptions are automatically refilled on a set schedule and when they are ready you will get either a Call, Email, or Text message to let you know your prescription is ready.

Both Bellingham Fred Meyer Stores of a jewelry offering high quality jewelry & watches. Always look online for savings specials, sales, clearance items, coupons or Promo Codes to maximize your savings.

Don't forget your coupons to maximize your savings. You can typically find them in your weekly Fred Meyer circular as well as in weekend newspaper food sections. You can also find a wide variety of printable coupons online for many of the products you use every day.
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