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This Bellingham Shopping Guide with maps, store hours, and telephone numbers will help you find the best Grocery stores, natural food, and fresh produce markets in Bellingham for what you're after. Canadians are drawn to the great bargains that can be found in Bellingham Grocery Stores as well as the unbelievable selection of food products. Compared to British Columbia,  Eggs, Dairy, And Cheese products can often be substantially less expensive in Bellingham Grocery Stores. 
"I Shops Me Some Bargains...."
Grocery Stores In Bellingham Washington
Know Before You Go Grocery Shopping-- What's The Weather In Bellingham Right Now?
Fred Meyers Grocery Store Baker View
has a small Indian food section with basic convenience foods in foil pouches, but not alot of seasonings. 
Fred Meyer Grocery Department Store Fred Meyer Baker View
1225 W Bakerview Rd Bellingham Wa
Daily 7am-10pm
360 788-2900
Fred Meyers Grocery Store Lakeway
The Lakeway Fred Meyers store is just a few exits south of Guide Meridian at Lakeway. This is like a virtual mall. It has a full service grocery store, housewares, paint department, toys, and even furniture.
Fred Meyer Grocery Store And Department Store Fred Meyers Lakeway
800 Lakeway Dr Bellingham Wa
Hours: M-F 9am-9pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 10am-6pm
360 676-1102
NOW A BURLINGTON STORE   Costcutter Grocery Store Guide Meridian
For Canadian shoppers looking for a great grocery store near Bellis Fair and the Guide Meridian shopping district, this is smack in the middle of it. Just north of Bellis Fair Mall.
Costcutter Grocery Store Guide Meridian Bellingham Wa Costcutter Meridian
4131 Meridian Street Bellingham, Wa
Daily: 7am-11pm
360 734-4110
Haggen Grocery Store Guide Meridian
This is a Bellingham original. The beautiful and upscale Haggen Grocery store chain is based in Bellingham Washington and this Meridian Street location is the original. The Haggen name is synonymous with quality meat, produce, and foods.
Haggen Grocery And Pharmacy Haggen Meridian Street
2814 Meridian Street Bellingham, Wa 98225
Daily 8am-9pm
360 671-3300
NOW A SAFEWAY STORE /Costcutter Grocery Store Sunset Square
If you like your grocery stores big with a huge selection. In Northwest Washington, Costcutter stores are just the thing. They are sister stores to the Market stores.
Costcutter Grocery Store Sunset Square Costcutter Sunset Sqr
1275 E Sunset Dr. Bellingham, Wa 98226
Daily7:00 am - 11:00 p.m
360 647-8311
Haggen Grocery Store Barkley Square
This may be one of their premier stores. It is beautiful with an awesome deli and dining area. Barkley Square is heralded as an urban village, soon to have a brand new 16 screen movie cineplex theater.
Bellingham Washington Haggens Grocery Store At Barkley Square Haggen Grocery Barkley
2900 Woburn Street
Bellingham Wa, 98226
360 676-5300
CLOSED Albertson's Grocery Store Birchwood
Located in the same shopping center as Big Lots store, Albertsons can easily be reached if you are traveling south on I-5 into Bellingham just take the northwest ave exit and you will see it about 1/2 mile on your left hand side.
Albertsons Grocery Store Birchwood Area Bellingham Wa Albertson's Grocery
1650 Birchwood Ave, Bellingham, 98225
Daily 6:00 a.m. - Midnight
360 733-9244
Haggen Grocery Store Sehome Village
Located at the edge of Western Washington University, This Haggen's location is easy to get to, just one exit south of Lakeway in Bellingham. One really great feature of this store is its awesome deli and dining area.
Haggen Grocery Store Sehome Village Haggen Grocery Sehome
210 36th Street Bellingham, Wa 98225
Daily 5am-2pm
360 647-4300
Haggen Grocery Store Fairhaven
For Fairhaven and Edgemoore there is only one place to shop and that is the friendly neighborhood Haggen Grocery, A full service grocery store with deli and bakery
Fairhaven Haggens Grocery Store Bellingham Haggen Grocery Store
1401 12th Street Bellingham Wa, 98225
Hours: Daily 6am-11pm
360 733-4370
Community Food Co-op Grocery Store Cordota
Yes it is a membership card store but if you are after organic and earth friendly brands this is the place to shop. Why not become a member? Member or not, you might want to stop in to see what you're missing. This location is about a block north of Bellis Fair Mall off of Cordota parkway.
Community Coop Grocery Store Cordota Community Food Coop
315 Westerly Road Bellingham Wa, 98225
Daily 7am-9pm
360 734-3937
Community Food Coop Grocery Store Downtown
Like the Community Food Coop store in the Cordota area, you need a membership card to get the better price but if you purchase Organic foods on a regular basis it might be worth it for you to get a membership
Grocery Store Coop Community Food Store Bellingham Community Food Coop
1220 N Forest Street Bellingham, Wa 98225
Daily 7am-10pm
360 734-8158
CLOSED And Now is the new Whoe Foods Store!!   Even Better!  The Market Grocery Center  At Lakeway
If you love the Market store in the newly remodeled Birch Bay shopping center you are going to be blown away by the beautiful new the Market store on Lakeway. It's huge, its beautiful and carries many products and brands you just don't  normally see in many other stores. Make sure you visit their deli!
The Market Grocery Store Lakeway Drive Bellingham The Market Store / NOW WHOLE FOODS
1030 Lakeway Dr. Bellingham, 98229
Daily 6:00 a.m. - 10p.m.
360 676-9450
Grocery Outlet Grocery Store
Great prices are a given at the Grocery Outlet Grocery store. Their prices on cheese, frozen convenience foods, canned goods and wines are are sometimes beyond belief, but you have to strike while the irons hot. Items come and go, but that also makes it part of the fun shopping here.
Grocery Outlet Grocery Store Bellingham Wa Grocery Outlet
1600 Ellis Street Bellingham Wa, 98225
M-F 8am-9pm
Sat 8am-9pm
Sun 9am-7pm
360 650-9655
Cash & Carry Warehouse Grocery Store
Like a mini warehouse superstore it is a scaled down version with awesome prices and specials on meats, cheeses, dairy, and fresh produce. Cash & Carry has a big following of Restaurant owners, many of which come down from B.C. to load up!
Cash And Carry Food Warehouse Bellingham Cash & Carry
405 Ohio Street Bellingham, Wa 98225
M-F 7am-7pm
Sat 7am-7pm
Sun 8am-5pm
360 676-7360
Trader Joes Organic, Natural, And Gourmet Grocery
A legendary store semi-originated in Southern California. Trader Joes has an almost religious following. In other states and countries it is knows as Aldi stores but on the west coast and other US states it is Trader Joes. Trader Joes is a German company
Trader Joes Grocery Store Bellingham Washington Trader Joes
2410 James Street Bellingham, Wa 98225
Daily 7am-9pm
360 734-5166

Bellingham Wa Population: 80,885
Whatcom County Population: 201,140r>Washington State Population: 6,724,540

Bellingham Washington is located  90 miles north of Seattle on Interstate 5, about an 1.5 hour drive.  And about 50 miles south of Vancouver British Columbia, about an hour drive--not including the time needed for the border crossing.  Bellingham WA is best known for Majestic Mount Baker, a year-round snowcapped volcano rising 10,781 feet, offering some of the finest skiing in the Pacific Northwest.
What Can I Bring Back To Canada From the United States?

Important: These rules are subject to change without notice and you are responsible for what you bring or don't bring but this is a general rule of thumb to consider. For current laws and regulations check with your local authorities.
Basically what you may be allowed to bring back from Canada:

TOBACCO PRODUCTSGrocery Store Guide To Bellingham Washington
200 Cigarettes
50 Cigars
200 Grams of Manufactured Tobacco and 200 Tobacco sticks.

1.5 Litres of wine
A total of 1.14 litres of alcoholic beverages or
Up to a maximum of 8.5 litres of beer or ale.

While you are outside Canada you can send gifts free of duty and taxes to friends in Canada under certain conditions. Each gift can't be too nice so it can't be worth more than $60.00. or your poor gift recipient will be liable to pay duty and taxes on the excess amount. It is a good idea to include a gift card with your item to prove your intent.

Paying duty and taxes
After you have been out of Canada for 48 hours or longer you are entitled to pay a special duty rate of 7%.

Foods, Plants, Animals and Related Products
All food, plants, and animals, and related products must be declared. Food can carry disease. The USA may be one of the cleanest countries on earth but they still worry about you bringing back E. Coli, insects, or foot-and-mouth disease.

Don't be foolish. Declare everything to avoid being hassled by Canadian border guards. It is their job to see that you don't bring anything into the country you shouldn't and to make sure they collect money for anything in excess of your allowed limit. Smuggling is a crime. Don't do it!

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