Canadian Shoppers Find Bellingham Bargains Irresistible

Emptying Shelves And Causing Some Tensions Amongst Bellingham Residents
Bellingham Wa Canadian Milk Frenzy
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Popularity Of Locally Produced Milk And Other Products Puts  Bellingham Washington In the Spotlight
"Bargain Milk, Eggs, Cheese Brings A Stampede Of Canadian Shoppers"
 The recent influx of Canadians clamoring for dairy products and other bargain food items has landed Bellingham in the National and International News Spotlight from New York to the U.K. as some Bellingham residents have called for a "Locals Only" shopping day at certain stores.

The crowds of Canadian visitors filling their shopping carts and cars to overflowing with dozens upon dozens of gallons of milk has perplexed many Bellinghamsters and left them wondering what they are doing with all that milk? 
Fuel Prices In Bellingham Washington April 17, 3013
 In Bellingham January 8, 2018
$ 2.60
Per Gallon USD Regular

Empty Shelves & Long Lines

Empty dairy shelves and shortages of other everyday items has led to substantial number of Bellingham residents fleeing town to neighboring Mount Vernon and Burlington Wa to do their weekly shopping.

Like a scene out of the classic movie thriller "Soylent Green", during the height of the traffic gridlock and product shortages, Bellingham Police were called out to provide traffic and crowd control at the local Costco Superstore and fuel station. Bargain conscious Canadians eager to take advantage of lower fuel prices have also resorted to filling up not just their car but several fuel cans as well, creating long lines and tensions at the pumps.
Crowds Of Bargain Shopping Canadians Come To Bellingham Every Week To Shop For Milk And Other Food Products In Bellingham Area Stores

Shopping Excitement Remains Brisk

Shopping In Bellingham Area Stores And MarketsToday, the initial shopping frenzy and panic buying has subsided but business remains very brisk and parking spaces remain at a premium at certain locations.

Canadian shoppers accustomed to shopping and driving in the greater Vancouver area, with one of the most densely populated regions in North America, will likely findShopping For Fresh Produce In Bellingham Washington shopping in Bellingham area stores enjoyable and driving in Bellingham traffic a breeze. Many will likely be left wondering what all the fuss was a bout.  

Over the years do to its proximity to the U.S./Canadian Border crossing, Bellingham residents have enjoyed a friendly mingling and coexistence with B.C. residents and that is not about to change any time soon. Overall, Bellingham residents, businesses, and community leaders welcome Canadian shoppers, their money, and the jobs that come along with it.

Thank You For Shopping In Bellingham

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Bellingham Washington History Comes Alive At Bellingham Area MuseumsWhatcom County Farms
Bellingham Washington and surrounding communities are amongst the top producers of Dairy products, Poultry & Eggs, Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Potatoes, Cattle and Other Agricultural Products in the State of Washington.  In a recent survey there were over 1,400 farms in production in Whatcom County.

In addition there are numerous Greenhouse & Nursery growers providing other plant products for local markets.
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