The Mount Baker Theater Hosts Plays, Concerts, And Special Events Throughout The Year 
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Mount Baker Theater Downtown Bellingham Washington

Bellingham is proud to be home to the historic and likely haunted Mount Baker Theater in Downtown Bellingham.

The 1,509-seat performing arts theater built in 1927 was restored in 1996 and hosts concerts, events and live productions throughout the year. In 1980 when citizens learned of plans to split the main auditorium into two rooms there was a public outcry because it would have meant there could be no more live performances in the theater and actions were taken to preserve the building. In 1978 the Mount Baker Theater was put on the National Historic Landmark Register where it remains today.
May 2013 at the Mount Baker Theater
Tickets Range From $5 - $65+ For Some Performances
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Architecture Of The Mount Baker Theater
The Mt Baker Theater's Architecture is very much Old Hollywood Movie Palace style. The actual name for this architectural style is Spanish, Moorish which was popular in the early 1900's when it was built.

The building was constructed using steel reinforced concrete which was somewhat new and considered very modern at the time. There is also plenty of ornamentation and indirect lighting giving it an eerie glow and ambience like a scene out of Sunset Boulevard or an old Hollywood hotel.
The Mount Baker Theater Presents Live Performances Throughout The Year
Haunted Places - Bellingham's Mount Baker TheaterGhosts?  "Judy" Doesn't Live Here Anymore
The Mount Baker Theater has garnered some national attention after being being featured on the Sci-Fi channel's "Ghost Hunters" program due to strange happenings, sightings, closing doors and balls of light that shouldn't have been there.  It's been reported that "Judy" the ghost seems to have a fondness for male projectionists and will call out their name or just sit in the dark in the theater as if she's waiting for the movie to begin.  Perhaps she is calling out "Hey buddy, start the movie already we've been waiting here!"

Judy The Mount Baker Theater GHOST has been featured on National Television ProgramsA group of daring psychics spent the night inside the theater hoping to gather evidence of paranormal activity and to get a glimpse of "Judy" or whatever other spirits that might be haunting the building but it isn't clear what evidence they did or didn't find.  Mount Baker Theater Bellingham WashingtonBut what should be done with the apparitions if anything, if they do in fact prove their existence? Do they call in an expert ghost hunter to excise them from the building or do they bring in a medium to help them cross over to the other side.

One thing's for certain, the ghosts or apparitions have attracted plenty of valuable publicity for the theater and have no doubt helped ticket sales. So far the theater hasn't had any falling chandeliers, mysterious deaths or gruesome injuries so maybe they should just leave "Judy" and her friends alone for the time being.     
Catch A Live Show At Bellingham's Mount Baker Theater And See It For Yourself
Visiting the Mount Baker Theater for the first time is an experience to remember. Located in Downtown Bellingham, the Mount Baker Theater is an important part of the community and local culture. The theater building it's self is a national historical landmark hosting a wide variety of professional productions, plays and concerts as well as a host of other community performances. Built in 1929, the Mount Baker Theater has been hosting live performances over 84 years as well as silent movies. 

Other places in the Bellingham area purported to be haunted include the Wardner's Castle in Fairhaven as well as Marine Park also in Fairhaven, once a bay front cemetery and site of an Indian massecre. The bodies buried there were moved to make way for the shipyard in the 1800's but apparently their ghosts remain. Unfortunately the park is closed at night so its hard to get a glimpse of the apparitions rising up in the moonlight and hanging around the told tree at the water's edge.

Mount Baker Theater
104 N Commercial St
Bellingham, Wa 98225
(360) 733-5793
Judy The Mount Baker Theater Ghost Seems To Have A Thing For Projectionists Mount Baker Theater Bellingham Washington Did Judy The Ghost Live In A House Where The Mount Baker Theater Now Stands?
Bellingham Bay Washington  Psychic Performing Amazing Stunts At An Unknown Location 
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Bellingham's  Performing Arts Theater 
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