Flying Saucers Spotted Over Mount Baker Washington  
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 Mount Baker Washington- Bellingham's Snow Capped Volcanic Peak

Bellingham is one of the most prominent communities in the shadow of Mount Baker and has become synonymous with its ever snowy glacial peak.

Majestic Mount Baker rises 10,781 ft in the distance and is often clearly visible from throughout the northern Sound and San Juan Islands from the Olympic Peninsula to Vancouver British Columbia.
A Volcano On Top Of A Volcano

Lava Flowing From An Active VolcanoMt. Baker, officially classified as a glaciated Andesitic Stratovolcano, or composit volcano, sprouted up on top of another ancient and extinct volcano. Mt Baker is a distant cousin of Mt. St. Helens and part of the Northern Cascades Mountain Range. While Mt. Baker is very much an active volcano the mountain hasn't seen a significant eruption since the 1800's when passengers traveling by steamer to Vancouver island witness the mountain belching out large amounts of smoke and ash that rolled down and engulfed its snowy slopes. There have also been other smaller displays during the 1970's.

Lava Flows From An Active Volcano - Mount Baker Washington is an active volcano. Researchers have concluded Mount Baker is one of the youngest Volcanoes in the Cascade Range and one of its most thermally active. Due to its relative activity and proximity to populated areas, Mount Baker is also one of the most studied Volcanoes in the Cascade Range. Located a mere 31 miles due east of Bellingham, the city is at a relatively safe range in the event of an eruption. By comparison the ancient city of Pompeii which was covered in 20 feet of ash during an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD was located only 5 miles from the caldera.

Mount Baker is a major Northwest Washington Attraction. Gateway to this outdoor wonderland, the city of Bellingham is perfectly situated to take advantage of excellent skiing, snowboarding and cross country trekking on the slopes of what is one if the snowy places on earth. 

Each year Mt. Baker hosts the annual "Ski To Sea" race drawing thousands of spectators and participants to witness athletes skim, cycle, swim, and kayak their way to Bellingham's Marine Park in Fairhaven.

The Only Place In Bellingham You Are Likely To See Flying Saucers Is In The Movie Theater

Bellingham Movie Theaters
The now closed Sehome Village Movie Theaters building is now available but the new occupant must agree not to use it for a movie theater. Perhaps the old theaters could be made into handball courts or auto repair bays?

Regal Bellis Fair Cinemas 6 Screens
One Bellis Fair Parkway
Bellingham, Wa 98226
(360) 671-5654
Conveniently Located at the Atrium Food Court inside Bellis Fair Mall




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Mount Baker Washington Is Where The Term Flying Saucer First OriginatedU.F.O.'s Over Washington Skies

Washington State has had its share of UFO's buzzing overhead and stories of light balls chasing people. One of which that took place in the 1930's was described as a Mile-Wide craft with a triangular reflecting mirrored bottom that reflected the ground on it and there were small balls of light  that emerged from it and chased onlookers.

More recently Yakima has become notorious for UFO's and strange phenomenon with more sightings per person than any other spot in the USA according to Popular Mechanics magazine. Yakima is home to military training zones which is likely to be one of the reasons for so much UFO activity.
Volcanic Cladera Belches Steam Into The SkyAre the unidentified flying objects simply experimental aircraft, helicopters or drones or are the activities at the military ranges drawing the interest of other UFOs that are not of this earth?  In addition to reports of unidentified objects there have been reports of black helicopters buzzing over the ECETI ranch disturbing its pony-tailed inhabitants. ECETI stands for "Enlightened Contact With Extra Terrestrial Intelligence".

Witnesses to UFO sightings are encouraged to report their sightings to national UFO databases to help researchers track sightings. You can report your sighting to UFOSNW by calling (406) 422-0530 or contact the National UFO Reporting Center Hotline: (206) 722-3000
If you are currently witnessing a UFO, are in the process of being probed or if you are in any other emergency situation call 911.

Stuff To Do In Blaine Washington Including The Peace Arch State Park And Marine Park 
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