Canadian Duty Tax Rules For Purchases In the USA 

New Canadian Duty Tax Allowances

Shopping in Bellingham Washington Is Convenient, Easy, And Fun. Beginning June 1st, 2012, Canadians will be more in line with Americans when it comes to making duty free purchases south/north of the border. After a 24hr visit to the USA, Canadians will be able to return to Canada with $200.00 per person duty free.  For Canadians interested in doing some serious shopping in Bellingham for big ticket items like flat screen tvs, furniture, and major appliances, they will have to pay a 13% sales tax as well as other fees for alcohol and furniture. 
  • Canadians visiting the US for 48-hours or more can return to Canada with a whopping $ 800.00 per person DUTY FREE!  This makes the short drive into Washington State for shopping a no-brainer.
  • Fantastic Selection
  • Excellent Prices
  • Friendly Service With A Smile. Washington State Retailers Welcome Canadians With Open Arms--Many Local Stores And Businesses Employ Canadian Citizens Who Understand Canadian Shoppers And Speak the Language.
  • Recent parity of the Canadian and US Dollars it has also become a bustling and lively hot spot for Canadian shoppers. With Christmas just around the corner be sure come early on weekends if you want to beat the crowds and get the best parking spaces.

Higher Allowances Coming Soon?

Lawmakers are considering raising the allowance all the way up to $800.00 as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement and march towards a global police state government. Once considered rediculous joke it now seems as though Canada truly is going to become America's 51st state. The higher limits would be a huge windfall for Canadian Consumers escaping the high taxes in Canada but some believe it could cost some Canadian jobs.

NOTE: All information is subject to change without notice. Check current allowances with your local government / country's website.

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Look for Coupons online and in border magazines and fliers before shopping in Bellingham WADriving South Of The Border From B.C. To Do Your Shopping Is A No-Brainer.

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