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The Acronym "UFO" to describe flying saucers was first used by a Captain in the U.S. Air Force while investigating UFO's for Project Bluebook. Before Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt coined unidentified flying objects as UFO's they were called everything from Flying Discs, Unexplained Flying Discs, or Flying Flapjacks.

Today it is common for Alien Spacecrafts to be referred to as UFO's. Bellingham Washington, which often finds itself thrust into notoriety for its infamous former residents and/or visitors such as the hillside strangler and the DC shooters, is also notable for another kind of visitor--Flying Saucers. 


In the summer of 1947 only a few weeks before the famous Roswell Flying Saucer incident, a small plane pilot, Kenneth Arnold, while helping in a search effort for a downed plane, reported seeing nine flying objects travelling at high speed. He first described them as being like mirrors or shiny pie plates, and while many accounts of the incident report that Arnold saw the Unidentified craft over Mt. Rainer he first saw them flying over Mt. Baker east of Bellingham Washington and he then witnessed them skip like skipping saucers over water at speeds estimated to be well over 1,000 miles per hour. (A reporter then described Arnold's account as flying saucers).
Arnold stated that it took the objects 1 minute 42 seconds to travel between Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainer which would put their speed at 1,700 miles per hour. The Flying Saucers then sped off into the distance as he continued his flight to Yakima. When wave after wave of newspaper reported the news of flying saucers skipping across Western Washington skies, the phrase "Flying Saucers" was born. 

The Only Place In Bellingham You Are Likely To See Flying Saucers Is In The Movie Theater

Bellingham Movie Theaters
The now closed Sehome Village Movie Theaters building is now available but the new occupant must agree not to use it for a movie theater. Perhaps the old theaters could be made into handball courts or auto repair bays?

Regal Bellis Fair Cinemas 6 Screens
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Bellingham, Wa 98226
(360) 671-5654
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Photo Mount Baker Washington Is Where The Term Flying Saucer First OriginatedU.F.O.'s Over Washington State Skies

Washington State has had its share of UFO's buzzing overhead and stories of light balls chasing people. One of which that took place in the 1930's was described as a Mile-Wide craft with a triangular reflecting mirrored bottom that reflected the ground on it and there were small balls of light  that emerged from it and chased onlookers.

More recently Yakima has become notorious for UFO's and strange phenomenon with more sightings per person than any other spot in the USA according to Popular Mechanics magazine. Yakima is home to military training zones which is likely to be one of the reasons for so much UFO activity.
FLying Saucers Over Mount BakerAre the unidentified flying objects simply experimental aircraft, helicopters or drones or are the activities at the military ranges drawing the interest of other UFOs that are not of this earth?  In addition to reports of unidentified objects there have been reports of black helicopters buzzing over the ECETI ranch disturbing its pony-tailed inhabitants. ECETI stands for "Enlightened Contact With Extra Terrestrial Intelligence".

Witnesses to UFO sightings are encouraged to report their sightings to national UFO databases to help researchers track sightings. You can report your sighting to UFOSNW by calling (406) 422-0530 or contact the National UFO Reporting Center Hotline: (206) 722-3000
If you are currently witnessing a UFO, are in the process of being probed or if you are in any other emergency situation call 911.
Hidden Cell Towers?

Throughout Bellingham neighborhoods there are hidden cell towers peeking out over businesses and between homes. These hidden towers broadcast and intercept cellphone voice and text messages and are able to pinpoint your cell phone's location within a 30 foot rage of accuracy. Have you ever wondered about the strange flag poles you have seen around Bellingham that seem too fat or out of the ordinary? Hidden inside these strategically placed towers are high tech microwave and cell antennas facing in multiple directions.  Hidden cell towers have been packed into other unassuming structures and signs as well.  Some cell towers have been hidden in large pine trees, fir trees, windmills, church steeples, palm trees, and of course, flag poles.
Secret Cell Towers Are Hidden In Many Of The Large Flag Poles Places Around Bellingham 

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