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Walmart In Bellingham WA - Mega Bargains For Canadian Shoppers In Bellingham WA!

Shopping at the Bellingham Walmart is more popular than ever for British Columbia residents looking for bargains. With the current exchange rate a gallon of milk is several dollars cheaper at the Bellingham Walmart Store than it is back in Canada. Canadians can also save on just about every other item offered at Costco, especially when you factor in that there is no Harmonized tax on US. goods so it makes just about everything in the store an irresistible bargain.

The store remodel also created a much larger grocery section with a large variety of food products including fresh vegetables and a large frozen food section.
  Shopping In Bellingham Guide
January 2018 In Bellingham About
$ 2.60
Per Gallon USD Regular
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 Walmart Bellingham Wa & Costco Burlington 20 Minutes South of Bellingham
Walmart Bellingham WA
4420 Meridian Street
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 647-1400
(Across The Street From Former Costco Location Bellingham)
HOURS: Open 24 Hours / Closes early on some major holidays
Costco Burlington WA
1725 South Burlington Blvd
Burlington, WA 98233
Phone: (360) 757-5703
(20 Minutes South Of Bellingham)
  Costco Bellingham WA
Off Bakerview Rd & I-5 Freeway
4125 Arctic Ave
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 671-6947
HOURS: M-F 10am - 8:30pm
Sat 9:30am - 6:00pm
Sun 10:00am- 6:00pm
Bellingham's Walmart Is A Great Place To Save On Items You Use Every DayBellingham WALMART Hours, Directions, And Shopping Guide

Shopping at Bellingham's Walmart is like shopping at a full service department store its own grocery store as well. You can save big on canned goods, milk, cheese, lunch meats, cereal, and other grocery items. Walmart stocks name brand items but it also features its own Great Value brand as well which is often little more than a repacked name brand item it is sold along side.

It is no secret that milk is a relative steal at Bellingham's Walmart compared to in British Columbia. Whatcom county Washington is like the Dairyland of the Pacific Northwest and produces some of the finest milk anywhere. When you stock up on your milk at Walmart you are not only buying the best milk produced locally you can save almost five dollars per gallon compared to B.C. Canadians visiting Bellingham have been on a milk buying frenzy in recent months, so much so that it has caught the attention of national news outlets in the USA and the UK. It is not uncommon to see shoppers filling their carts with over a dozen gallons or milk or more, depending on how many children they can bring or borrow for their cross-border shopping spree.

Bellingham Wa Canadian Milk FrenzyAre Milk Baths A Myth?
No, milk baths have been used for centuries to soften, smooth and exfoliate skin. It was once believed that milk baths made your skin firmer and whiter. Bathing in milk is practiced by both men and women in is still quite popular in some cultures. Sometimes milk is mixed with other ingredients like honey, essential oils, or oatmeal to hydrate and ease blotchy and dry skin. It is believed that Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey on a regular basis to maintain her legendary beauty. Researchers have discovered that the lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid which naturally dissolves the glue that holds dead skin cells together, thereby cleaning and exfoliating skin deep down at a cellular level.

In India milk baths are perhaps one of the safer uses for milk rather than for drinking. In a 2012 study 68 percent of milk samples were determined to be adulterated with detergent, mixed with water or other harmful additives. It is not known what ill-effects this adulterated milk may have on the skin of Indians who bath in it regularly but it can't be any worse than bathing in the Ganges river.

Warning: You should not attempt to take a milk bath if you are lactose intolerant even if you don't sip on the bath water while you are exfoliating.
So why do so many east Indians and Asians fill their shopping carts full with Milk when they come shopping in Bellingham?

It is not necessarily to take it home and jump in the bathtub with it. Many East Indians and Asian simply use a whole lot of milk with each meal, to make their own yogurt, in cooking, and in their tea which the may enjoy several times each day.

Buying milk at about half the price they get it for back home makes for an extreme bargain worth taking advantage of. Also some may buy extra gallons for friends, family or neighbors during their run to Bellingham, and then when their friends or neighbors make a run they return the favor.




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Shopping In Bellingham - Bargain Hunting In BellinghamQuality EGGS BY THE DOZENS
Another good buy at Bellingham's Walmart is Eggs. Extra large eggs come in a 2 dozen pack for about $3.60. Of course the prices can change from week to week but they are always a great price. Eggs can last and remain fresh and delicious for up to 5 weeks in your fridge so don't be afraid to buy several dozen. Eggs are a great source of protein and can be enjoyed not just for breakfast but lunch, and dinner as well. Do a web search for quiche and surprise your family with a unique meal for a change.
Stock up on quality Walmart brand or other top name-brand paper towels and toilet tissue in mega packs and save big over grocery store prices. Hands down, its a huge savings and what's more is you are buying the good stuff--top quality paper products.

WALMART CUISINE? Eat Cheap At Walmart
If you don't mind the simple surroundings of the Bellingham Walmart you can pick up a great bite to eat at Bellingham's Walmart's own McDonald's restaurant located inside the store in the front by the check out registers. Look for sale specials posted in the store or order off the dollar menu and you can save big. Bring in your own bottled water and save even more.

There are other fast food restaurants in the immediate vicinity of Walmart including, Taco Bell, Wendys, Wonderful Buffet, Arby's, and Taco Time. During peak hours it can be difficult getting into and out of some of these establishment's parking lots. The easiest to maneuver is Wendy's.

Macy's Bellingham
50 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 715-6000
M-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-7pm
Target Bellis Fair
30 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 734-0220
M-Sat 8am-10pm
Sun 8am-9pm
Sears / Closed Replaced
By Sports Authority
Then Dicks
20 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham Wa
360 650-1295
M-F 8am-7pm
Sat-Sun 8am-9pm
Kohl's At The Mall
40 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 527-0701
M-Sat 8am-10pm
Sun 9am-9pm
JC Penny Bellingham
10 Bellis Fair Pkwy
Bellingham, Wa
360 676-1615
M-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm
Photo Bellingham Washington Bellis Fair Mall Shopping Center

Driving South Of The Border From B.C. To Bellingham's Walmart & Costco is  a No-Brainer. Each is like a whole shopping mall in itself and together you get both, great selection and great prices.

Walmart Bellingham WA
4420 Meridian Street
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 647-1400

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