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Washington State Waterfalls - Closer Than You Think

Waterfalls have marveled and amazed humans throughout history. Some waterfalls have hidden caves with wall paintings thousands of years old.  

With so many thousands of waterfalls located throughout Washington State there is sure to be one a short drive from where ever you may be in Washington. Some of the most accessible water falls near populated areas include the magnificent Snoqualmie Falls east of Seattle and further north Whatcom Falls centrally located within the city of Bellingham Washington.

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Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls, named after the Snoqualmie people who have inhabited the area for generations is located not surprisingly on the Snoqualmie River in the aptly named Snoqualmie valley in Snoqualmie Falls Washington. Adjacent to the falls on a rocky bluff stands the stately Salish hotel and Spa.

Water tumbles over the falls dropping 268 feet making a dramatic spectacle to the delight of visitors and earning it the distinction of being one of the most visited scenic attractions in Washington State.

The sheer energy and roar of pounding water over the falls is an awe inspiring display to witness but as grand as the falls may appear on any given day, few people ever actually see the falls at its mightiest. Most of the water carried by the Snoqualmie river never actually makes it over the falls, instead it is diverted into two Puget Sound Energy power generation plants. During periods of heavy rain the river upstream can swell to many times its usual flow and water will flow across the entire width of the falls making an almost Niagra Falls like display.

The roar of water crashing over the falls can splash up a misty spray almost blocking the falls from view. Recently geologists have concluded that the falls tumbler over an extinct volcano with the crater near the falls.

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Whatcom Falls - Bellingham Washington

The city of Bellingham, located 90 miles north of Seattle is home to the Whatcom Falls located in the 241 acre Whatcom Falls Park, one of the cities largest and most popular city parks. The Whatcom Falls are along Whatcom creek which is the natural drainage basin for Lake Whatcom. 

Bellingham's Lake Whatcom is an 11-mile long, 500 ft deep natural glacial lake carved by ice and glaciers during the last ice age. The lake is Bellingham's primary source of drinking water and the source of intense debate amongst some local residents that want to ban boats from the lake and tear down thousands of homes around the lake to return the lake to its original natural state.

Downstream from Whatcom Falls is whirlpool falls, a popular swimming hole and middle falls which is located near downtown Bellingham near the Old City Hall. Middle falls are popular with fishermen and sightseers watching the annual salmon run as thousands of salmon do amazing acrobatics as they try to swim and jump their way up the falls.

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Other Popular Washington State Waterfalls

         Cedar Falls off the North Cascades Highway

         Franklin Falls at Snoqualmie Pass

         Twin Falls near North Bend

         Sol Duc Falls on the Olympic Penninsula

         Palouse Falls in the Tri-Cities area of Eastern Washington State.


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