Bellingham Washington Weather And Visitor Information

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Bellingham Washington Weather

Bellingham Washington is a northern U.S. City located  90 miles north of Seattle on Interstate 5, about 50 miles or 1 hour drive south of Vancouver British Columbia.  Bellingham is perhaps best known for it's proximity to majestic Mount Baker, a year-round snowcapped volcano rising 10,781 feet to the east which can be seen from throughout southern BC and Western Washington.   

Bellingham Wa Population: 80,885
Whatcom County Population: 201,140
Washington State Population: 6,724,540
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Washington State Has A Reputation For RainHow's The Weather In Bellingham? 

Washington State has a reputation for rain, however it actually has less rainfall than many other cities in the US, and many of the more populated areas in the state see relatively little or no snowfall.

When it rains in Bellingham it is often a light drizzle or a continual sprinkle rather than a torrent of rain. Due to the light rainfall the average Northwest Washington resident rarely bothers with an umbrella. This is perhaps why so many Bellinghamsters frequent the  endless number of coffee establishments that seem to be located on every street corner.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Visitor's Guide -'s Official Tulip Guide Bellingham does on rare occasion get wild driving rains that tend to come during winter storms that often come with high winds. Some with sustained high winds of 65-70 mph or more. After one of these punishing storms there are usually plenty of fallen trees, damaged roofs, and ruined crops in the surrounding farm lands. 

One particularly bad storm hit Bellingham January 13, 1950 delivered an arctic blast that lowered temperatures to 6.6 degrees and with it were hurricane force winds. With the wind chill the the temp was -30. Wind blown snow drifts reached up to 15 feet in some places and Lake Whatcom froze over with ice 6 inches thick.
Amtrak Cascades Passenger Trail Arrives  in Bellingham Washington

Rainfall In Bellingham

The driest months are May, June, July, & August. 

The wettest months tend to be December,  January, & February.

Bellingham has relatively little snowfall even though it is located so far north.   The most likely months to receive snowfall are December January and February, although It will on occasion see a freak snowfall as late as April.

Annual Rainfall Comparison font

Bellingham WA   35.31 INCHES

Albany NY 38.60 Ashville NC 47.00
Atlanta GA 50.20 Atlantic City NJ 40.59
Houston TX 47.84 Baltimore MD 41.94
Chicago      IL 36.27 Washington DC 39.35
Austin TX 33.65 Los Angeles CA 13.15
Baton Rouge LA 63.08 Dallas TX 34.73
Boston MA 42.53 New York NY 49.69

Average Temperatures In Bellingham Washington

January through February           highs in the mid-40's -  lows in the mid-30's

March through April                    highs in the mid-50's -  lows in the low 40's 

May through June                       highs in the mid- 60's - lows in the low 50's 

July through August                    highs in the low- 70's -  lows in the mid-50's

September through October         highs in the low- 60's    lows in the high 40's

November through December      highs in the mid- 40's    lows  in the low 30's 

Record Snow

Mount Baker holds the world record for snowfall.  In the winter of 1998-1999 there was a total snowfall of 1140 inches.  (95 Feet).


Bellingham Washington: One Of The Best Cities To Live In The United States?

Bellingham Washington continually ranjks in the top of numerous best-lists, including best city to live, best to retire in, best for outdoor activities. The modern polymer Sit-on-top kayak was invented in Bellingham and its numerous hiking trails and parks has also earned Bellingham the title of "Hiking Town USA". Perhaps Bellingham's best known unofficial slogan is  "City of subdued excitement". 
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