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  Where are the best places to live in the United States?  

That is a question more and more Americans are asking themselves and the answer is different depending on what you value most. The convenience of large shopping districts, restaurants, and cultural experiences, nearby parks and recreation, or perhaps you want to escape a dangerous high crime inner city area. The best place to live in the United States tend to change because once everyone has discovered a great place, crowds of people run in and bring all of their problems with them.
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Best Places to Live In US - Photo Of United States MapBest Places To Live For The Money - Cities Like Bellingham Have  One Of The Highest Quality Of Life Ratings.Large City Vs. Small Town America

Larger cities offer every modern convenience 24hrs per day and have a variety of cultural events, art galleries, museums, and major airports which enable you to travel virtually anywhere. Traffic congestion, pollution & crime can often make a great place not great enough to stay. 

Small towns can be clean, safe, and pleasurable for those looking for a more simple life at a much slower pace than a big city, but they may not offer the  same conveniences or shopping opportunities that a large city does and some can be downright boring. 

Best Places To Live - Official Online Magazine CoverSomewhere In The Middle

There is an obvious alternative to large cities and small towns and that is a medium sized city. They can be big enough to support all of the services and conveniences many people have grown accustomed to without the congestion, pollution, and other problems associated with larger urban areas. There are some people that measure a city's desirability, perhaps jokingly, by how many  McBurger restaurants there are within the city limits, or whether or not there's a Macy's or other premium department store.    While this may sound ridiculous at first, the fact is, most major retailers and restaurant chains carefully study the local demographics before investing large amount of money on a new location.  

  •  2005 Bellingham's estimated population - 75,000.

Best Places To Live - People Walking DogTops On Many Lists Bellingham Washington

There are a number of major magazines that publish a list of their picks for best places to live and while they can be useful in pointing you in the right direction, you might be left wondering how a city can be #1 one year and not even make the list the following year. Maybe the town was overrun with a stampede of new residents or perhaps they just discovered they were wrong. In the end, it is you that will decide which city is the best place to live and the first step might be to simply write down a list of what you care most about and the things you would like to do with your free time.   

Mount Baker - Bellingham Real Estate - Bellingham Washington

Bellingham Washington U.S.A.

With a name like  you can guess where Bellingham Washington ranks on our list, just as it has ranked high on a number of  Best-Of lists. Anyone looking for a special place to relocate for their retirement, those in search of a family friendly community to raise their children, and anyone that places quality of life as their most important concern should give the Bellingham area a closer look to see if it is right for them.   

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Bellingham's Waterfront Sudden Valley Golf Course Chuckanut Drive
Shhhhhh....  Don't Tell Anyone.... 

That's what Bellinghamsters will often say when it comes to spreading the word about what Bellingham , Washington has to offer. They don't want their city to lose any of its charm and they go to great lengths to ensure it remains the special place that brought them there in the first place.    

Bellingham's charm comes first and foremost from its natural setting on the north eastern shores of Puget sound--- Nestled in between majestic Mt. Baker  & beautiful Lake Whatcom on one side,  and scenic Bellingham Bay and the San Juans on the other.   But that's not all, Bellingham residents also have Chuckanut Drive to the south, considered to be the most scenic roadway in all of Washington and home to Larrabee State Park, Washington's very first state park that offers numerous hiking trails, camping, a sandy beach, and is rich with wildlife such as bald eagles, seals, sea otters, and more.        

 All that Bellingham has to offer is just 2 hours north of Seattle and only an hour from the excitement of Vancouver,  British Columbia which was recently voted the most beautiful city in North America. Both Vancouver & Seattle are embarkation ports for the world's most popular cruise ship destination..... Alaska. Living so close to these cruise ship terminals enables some residents to take advantage of last minute cruise deals with savings up to 70% off their brochure rates.  Bellingham is also the starting point for the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System.

Things To Do & See In Bellingham WA Area

Hiking - Biking - Kayaking - Canoeing - Swimming - Whale Watching - Sailing - Museums - Tulip Festival , Skiing - Snowboarding - Wild Life Viewing Golfing - Fishing -  Crabbing - Camping - Alaska State Ferry.  LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Sudden Valley - Fairhaven - Lynden - Blaine Chuckanut - Lummi Island.   Near The San Juan Islands - Washington State Ferry

Best Place To Live Page - Couple Photo ButtonBest Places To Live In The United States - Sudden Valley WashingtonYou Might Be Wondering...

Why are we so big on Bellingham?   All of us here at are Bellingham area residents. We live, work, and play in this beautiful corner of the world and we want to share what Bellingham has to offer with people across the country. When you visit our advertisers, purchase items, or buy your new home in Bellingham you help contribute to the local economy, not to mention our livelihood and you help our community prosper. We hope you enjoy everything this website has to offer. 



Best Places To Live In US -  Photo Of Sudden Valley Golf CourseBellingham WA Area Communities

If you are interested in purchasing real estate in the Bellingham area or surrounding communities we know that you have many choices. If you're like most home buyers you  simply want straight talk from a Real Estate expert-Best Place To Live In US Page - Real Estate Photo Button- someone that knows the area and will work hard to guide you through the home buying process from beginning to end. Please allow us to show you what a higher level of professionalism and  service can do to make the selection and purchase of your new home a pleasurable experience. For a VIRTUAL TOUR of Bellingham WA visit our Communities Page. For A List Of Available Properties Please Visit Our Real Estate Page.

Stuff To Do In Beautiful Bellingham Washington


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