Chuckanut Drive Has Been Called The Most Scenic Roadway In Washington State

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Chuckanut Drive In Bellingham Washington Is A Cliff Hugging Waterfront Scenic Route That Runs From Skagit County To Bellingham Along The Puget Sound Coastline 

Chuckanut Drive Bellingham Wa. - Chuckanut Oyster Bars & Restaurants Chuckanut Washington

California has Monterey Bay with its 17-mile drive -- Northwest Washington has Chuckanut Drive overlooking Puget Sound & beautiful Chuckanut Bay with incredible views or the San Juan Islands and local Oyster farms along the shoreline and popular seafood and oyster restaurant and Washington State's first State Park Larrabe State Park.   

Local Chuckanut Real Estate

Chuckanut Real Estate tends to be more expensive than many of the surrounding communities due to its beautiful views of the sound, proximity to hiking trails, Larrabee State park, and the prestige of a Chuckanut drive address. You will find many homes in the million dollar range hugging the shoreline.

WHATCOM COUNTY area pets available for adoption.  See photos- profiles- history of available pets.Million Dollar Views

Chuckanut Drive is considered by many to be one of Washington State's most scenic drives and it is a must see for anyone visiting the Bellingham area and Northwest Washington.     

Chuckanut Drive was once the only route between Seattle and Bellingham for those continuing north to Vancouver but these days it is mostly used by tourists visiting the scenic overlooks and the very popular Larrabee State park. 

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!  Current Weather Conditions And Forecast For Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham Washington
Chuckanut Bay Has Many Coves And Stunning Vistas Of Puget SoundThe Long And Winding Road

Chuckanut drive is a slower paced road than I-5 with speed limits of approximately 35 to 40 mph. Interstate 5 has speed limits of up to 70 mph in of the a stretch between Burlington and Bellingham. Even though Chuckanut is laid back and slower than the freeway,  there's something about a road like this that attracts people with sports cars and racing motorcycles and occasionally some of them like to drive fast and loose.

There are a number of turnouts for you to pull over and let the faster cars and motorcycle ho-tdoggers pass or you can just pull over to enjoy the view. 

How To Get To Chuckanut Drive

If you are coming from Bellingham you take the exit off of Interstate 5 at Fairhaven Parkway traveling west and then simply follow the signs.You will end up in Skagit Valley at the other end of Chuckanut Drive where you can either hop on Interstate 5 to return North to Bellingham or turn around and enjoy you ride on the winding road back to Bellingham's Fairhaven District.   

Chuckanut Oyster Farms

Oysters don't grow themselves? As you wind your way along Chuckanut drive you will pass a number of Oyster Farms and see their oyster beds stretching far out into the shallow bays.  

When the tide is high they aren't as noticable, but when the tide is low you will see row after row of oysters being cultivated.  Along Chuckanut drive you will find oyster bars and fine restaurants overlooking the oyster beds. When they say their oysters are fresh-they mean it.

The oysters raised in these waters along Chuckanut Drive are considered by many to be amongst the best in the world.   

Restaurants such as the Chuckanut Manor, The Oyster Bar On Chuckanut Drive, & Oyster Creek Inn On Chuckanut Drive are very popular with local oyster lovers.  The restaurant with the best view of the oyster beds is The Oyster Bar On Chuckanut Drive, however, if you are afraid of heights you might want to visit the Oyster Creek Inn or Chuckanut Manor.

One of the best ways to have oysters is pan fried with gourmet dipping sauces

PHOTO - Delicous oysters don't get any fresher than here because they are raised in the waters below the restaurant.
Parking Along Chuckanut Drive Can Be Very Difficult In Areas.Parking At A Premium Along Chuckanut Drive

Parking along Chuckanut Drive is very limited so you may need to park on the side of the road and walk quite a ways but it's worth it.   Just be careful opening your door and watch out for oncoming traffic and hot shots on motorcycles that sometimes come racing by out of nowhere.

Chuckanut Drive - Motorhome

Chuckanut Drive Can Be A Tight Squeeze For RVsNarrow Lanes Add to The Chuckanut Fun 

Chuckanut Drive is a beautiful drive but is also very narrow. Much of the roadway was carved through solid rock and much of the road winds its way along the edge of steep cliffs. Slower vehicles can pull over a numerous scenic overlooks to let faster traffic pass.

If you are driving an extra wide vehicle, RV, or motorhome you'll want to take extra careful to stay in your lane but also not to scrape the sheer rock walls along the way.       

Chuckanut Drive - Larrabee State Park LagoonPack A Picnic For Chuckanut

If you're packing a picnic lunch you might like to make your way to Larrabee state park and stake out a spot on the beach or one of several scattered throughout the park.

There are also picnic tables at some pull outs and overlooks that you can use for free.These picnic areas are beautiful and a great place to stretch your legs and look out at the San Juan islands. If you leave the area as clean as you found them, they will be all ready for the next person pulling over for a rest.    


Chuckanut Area Restaurants
The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive
Open Daily at 5pm
Chuckanut Manor
Open for Lunch & Dinner Tuesday - Sunday
3056 Chuckanut Drive 360/766-6191
Oyster Creek Inn on Chuckanut Drive
Open noon - 9pm Daily 
Rocky Roadway Along Chuckanut Drive Chuckanut By Train

One of the best ways to enjoy  Chuckanut's beauty is actually by train. 

Amtrak's Cascades travels regularly between Seattle and Vancouver and on its way it passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Washington State.  

The tracks wind along the water's edge giving you a feeling of being in a boat rather than on the train with unobstructed views of Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and a glimpse of Vancouver Island.

Beautiful Cove At Larabee State Park On Chuckanut DriveLarrabee State Park - Washington State's First State Park

Larrabee State park is one of the major destinations along Chuckanut Dr.  This  2,683-acre park was Washington's first state park and is a great place for camping, beachcombing, hiking, & bird watching.

There are two freshwater lakes, tidelands, over eight miles of trails, picnic tables and even a boat ramp, all within minutes to Downtown Bellingham Park INFORMATION    Terms of Use

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