The Dark Side Of Sucia Island Wa Marine Park

  Su-See-Ah Sea Monsters?   

The correct way to say  "Sucia" is Su-See-ah, although even locals may look at you strange if you pronounce it that way.      

Many strange things have been seen in the waters around Sucia over the years and while some of them may just be floating logs or whales, before you just laugh them off as tall tales you should consider that Puget Sound is very deep and much of the underwater terrain we know almost nothing about.     The waters around Sucia Island are many hundreds of feet deep and I am told that not far away there's an area 1,200 feet deep that has never been explored.- It's so deep that light can't even penetrate it.    We simply don't know what lurks down below at such depths, however we do know that Sucia Island, the San Juans, and surrounding waters were once teaming with aquatic creatures such as the mosasaur, a 50 foot dinosaur-like reptile with four large paddle fins, 5 foot jaws,  and giant teeth.

The fossilized remains of other ancient marine life can still be found along the rock faces in fossil bay which explains how it got its name.    Perhaps there are species of bizarre fish swimming in the waters around Sucia similar to the angler fish,  that mesmerizes its prey with a dangling light from its forehead before snatching it up with its razor sharp teeth.    We know that seals are a favorite treat of Great White sharks which are still caught off the coast of  Vancouver island today.   Just something to think about as you're paddling your kayak over to Sucia.    Have your camera ready because you never know when you might see something strange.

 Tarantulas In The Pit Toilets ?
Washington State Park Service regulations forbid the removal or harm of any plant or sea life anywhere on the island.    Fishing, crabbing, and gathering of shellfish are regulated and allowed only in designated areas and only at certain times of the year but you aren't supposed to remove any starfish, jellyfish, and in theory,  tarantulas, etc.    If you feel one on your bottom you should simply stand up a moment and let it go on its way.   Tarantulas do bite but they are not poisonous so you have nothing at all to worry about.

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Criminals, Murderers & GHOSTS
Sucia Island has a colorful past full of smugglers, angry Indians, and dangerous characters you wouldn't want to run in to.    Sucia's location right near the border along with other nearby islands has made them the perfect place for smugglers to set up shop and even today there are efforts by the government to keep close tabs on everyone and everything that passes through.    If you are a Canadian visiting the San Juan islands you will need to report your presence to a U.S. Customs office and be cleared for entry, just as an American visiting a Canadian island needs to report to their authorities.   New laws and procedures have just gone into effect or are just  about to so you should research the requirements if this pertains to you.   

Ghosts on Sucia?  The Indians believe that every rock, tree, and creature has a spirit and you must treat them with respect and honor them.  But what about the spirits of smugglers, thieves, and their evil spirits that have inhabited this island over the years?  If you run into one at night on a dark Sucia trail, what should you do?    Perhaps the only thing to do is run but that can be dangerous with all the rocks, tree roots and trip hazards along the trails.    Just say  "I don't believe in ghosts"  three times and they'll leave you alone.   Probably.   



Have you heard any scary stories about Sucia or the surrounding islands?

Did you hear from a friend that heard from a friend a strange story?  I'd like to hear about it no matter how far fetched, especially the location of where it supposedly  took place.    Email me and I'm make sure you get proper credit.  Thanks.



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This webpage is intended for entertainment purposes only.  Tall tales, ghost stories, and creature sightings are what they are.    Not likely to be true yet somehow sitting around a campfire at night you might wonder for a moment.    

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