Echo Bay Located On The East Side Of Sucia Island Is The Largest Bay In The Sucia Island Marine Park
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Looking East From Inside Echo Bay. Notice The Floating Docks in foreground.

  Sucia Island's Echo Bay has    14 mooring Buoys  @ $10.00 Per Night And  Campsites Ashore

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Echo Bay Is Sucia Island's Largest Anchorage - Sucial Island Marine Park WA

Sucia Island's largest and most popular anchorage is Echo Bay on the east side of the island. This is where you want to be in the middle of the action and don't mind a lot of activity around you. There's usually a steady parade of boats cruising in or out of the bay and the usual people and kids putting around in dinghies. Many people like Echo Bay because of its central location between Snoring Bay and Ewing Cove and the sea floor is good for anchoring.

Important! Check Your Chart For Rocks! There are some submerged rocks in the northern side of the bay.
Know Before You Go!  Current Weather Conditions For The San Juan Islands (Friday Harbor Wa)
Trail Leading To Echo Bay On Sucia Island's East Side Daybreak At Echo Bay Sucia Driftwood On The Beach At Eco Bay Sucia Island A Curious  Seal Swims By In Echo Bay Sucia Island
Matia Island As Seem From Echo Bay Sucia Island Picnic Table And Fire Ring Ashore At Echo Bay Sucia Island Pay Station And Information Ashore At Echo Bay Sucia Island Marine Park Private Finger Islands In Echo Bay
Picnic Shelter And BBQ Echo Bay Sucia Restrooms Are A Welcome Sight Ashore At Echo Bay Sucia Island Pay Station Echo Bay Sunset At Echo Bay Sucia Island Marine Park
Boats Tied Up At Floating Rope Docks Echo Bay Sucia Island Rocky Shoreline On South Side Of Echo Bay Sucia Island Floating Moorage In Echo Bay Floating Rope Moorage Makes Tying Up Easy
Sea Kayaking To Sucia Island WA

Sucia Island WA is located 2.5 miles north of Orcas Island Making it a popular destination for Sea Kayakers day tripping to the island as well as overnighters who set up camp for multi day trips. There are Sea Kayak tour operators offering 3-5 day Kayak Adventures to Sucia Island and also explore nearby Patos (Duck) Island known for its lighthouse often seen in postcards and scenic lighthouse calendars, and Matia Island just east of Sucia. (Meals included).

On a typical Kayak tour to Sucia Island you are likely to see a number of seals, bald eagles, deer, and perhaps even a whale or two, however whale spotting is never a sure thing. (Be Sure To Bring Multiple Dry Sacks For Your Belongings)
Whale Watching From Sucia Island WA

Sucia Island is technically within the prime habitat area for whales and locals and regulars to these islands do see them but on a day to day basis you just don't know where the whales will be because they are always on the go. Whale Watching excursion operators rely on a large network of informants--some residents and some fishermen who report whale pod sightings, and some even have their own whale spotting seaplanes to keep track of whale migrations.

Photo Picnic Tables Overlooking Echo Bay Sucia IslandBig Bay Sucia Attracts Big Yachts 

For owners of larger sailboats and motoryachts Echo allows much more room to maneuver compared to the smaller coves and bays on Sucia Island. This is especially important if you plan on dropping anchor for the weekend because you need to allow room to swing around 360' and not hit nearby boats. Deep draft boats need to pay extra careful attention to nautical maps because there plenty of submerged rocks and rock shelves to Photo Echo Bay Moorage Sucia Island WA greet the unsuspecting boater.  You may have heard it said before that when you think you've gone far enough to miss a reef, go farther.   

Floating Docklines Are The Easiest Way To Dock!

Echo bay has 14 mooring buoys and some innovative floating mooring dock lines. They seem odd at first but it's easy to see their virtues once you see them in use, and after watching some people attempt to hook up to a mooring buoy you realize who they made them for. You simply maneuver your boat next to the dock line, grab a ring and tie up as if floating dock.   

Photo Echo Bay Beach On Sucia Island Washington

If you visit Sucia Island on a weekend you'll want to get there early if you plan to get a buoy and dock space gets filled up even faster.  Once you're tied up and paid up you can settle down for a game of "Name That Boat" with your friends or just people watch and count eagles. While you're watching the eagles and seals, don't be surprised to see a large Coast Guard vessel dipping into Echo bay to check on things and possibly a Homeland Security boat or two.   

Photo Echo Bay Sucia Island WA Looking EastPhoto Moorage Sucial Island Marine Park WAEagle Islands Of Sucia

In this photo you can see the two long finger islands from inside Echo bay. These are private islands so you can't land on them but the rest of the island is part of the Sucia Island marine park. As I passed between the islands I saw several Bald Eagles soaring around with some dipping down to the water near my dinghy. These finger islands seem to be a favorite place for the eagles perhaps because the general public isn't allowed on them. You'll notice docks along side them and a few houses nestled in the trees but other than that they are very quiet and unspoiled. What a special place to have a 2nd home.  

Photo Echo Bay Sucial Island Marine Park WA

Echo Bay Pay Station - Know Before You Go

If you're going to use a mooring buoy you will need to make your way ashore to the pay station within 30 minutes of your arrival. The beach has patches of rocky areas but there are two main areas clear for making a landing. On a busy weekend the beach is covered with dinghy's and beachcombers and you might even see a seal or two.   

More Islands To Explore - Patos Island Marine Park To The West

West of Sucia Isand is the welcoming Patos Island marine park. Like Sucia it is accessible only from boat. Patos or "Duck" island has a charming lighthouse and beautiful views of Mount Baker. Patos has only a couple of buoys which are almost always taken but persistence will eventually pay off at least it has for us a few times. On your next trip to Sucia be sure to swing by Patos first and if a buoy is available Grab It! 
Photo Patos Island Seen From Fox Cove - Sucia Island WashingtonPhoto  Patos Island WA  Lighthouse Standing Watch Over Puget Sound  

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