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4 Mooring Buoys @ $ 10.00 Per Night
 Toilets, Picnic Tables, Campsites
Wildlife --  Eagles, Seals, Geese
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Sucia Island's Ewing Cove - Sucia Island Washington Moorage

Sucia Island's Ewing cove is located at the northeast corner of the island next to Echo Bay and its one the most interesting places to tie up on Sucia. There are only 4 mooring buoys which limits the number of boats you will find there.

The bottom in Ewing Cove is rocky with a strong current so dropping anchor isn't recommended. On shore you will find several campsites, pit toilet, picnic tables, and beautiful surroundings offering a great view of Matia Island, 1.5 miles to the east.
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Picnic Tables Waiting Ashore At Ewing Cove SuciaEntering Ewing Cove On Sucia's Northeast Side

It is advisable that you enter Ewing Cove only from the east but be certain to consult your charts and pay attention to the rocks and currents. The other openings can be used by dinghy and foolish people with no charts at high tide.

There is an artificial reef and submerged rocks near the opening of Ewing Cove. It's not uncommon to see people obviously with no charts, cruising through with reckless abandon but sooner or later their luck is going to run out. We have heard horror stories and seen a few light nips and scrapes by surprised boaters oblivious to the dangers. Seeing the same location at low tide is a sobering experience when you see what what laying there just beneath the water at high tide. 




(March 2015) *This Dangerous Rock Feature Has Been Independently Confirmed And There May Be A Warning "ATON" Aid to Navigation Buouy Installed By The State Park System To Warn Off Boaters

  Unsafe For Navigation  At


Photo Captain Watching For Rocks At Ewing CoveAt the Eastern entrance to Ewing Cove you should take extra care to avoid submerged rocks/shoals that have reportedly caused serious damage to prop shafts and rudders to a number of area boaters in recent years. At low tides the sandstone rocks can take on a sandy shoal appearance but during the lowest tides the rocks are clearly visible along with a number of visible gouges and marks from unfortunate boaters who found the rocks the hard way.

Shoal At Entrance To Ewing Cove, Sucia Island Marine Park Washington Hazardous Shoal Identified At The Entrance To Ewing Cove Sucia Island Marine Park Rocks At Entrance To Ewing Cove, Sucia Island Marine Park Sucia Island Marine Park Washington - Shoal Identified At Entrance To Ewing Cove Google Map Of Sucia Island Marine Park:
"Photos Courtesy Of Erik Larson"

In this day and age many of us tend to rely on GPS and USGS charts to keep us out of harms way but even the most up to date charts may not include every hazard even if the hazard is well known to locals and the USGS itself. Once a hazardous rock or shoal is identified--what next? Do you simply include the rocks on area charts or do you attach a warning buoy, or perhaps attach a permanent stationary marker?

Photo Ewing Cove At Sucia Island Marind Park WashingtonWe would like to give special thanks to Erik Larson (Seattle) for his considerable efforts to bring this navigational hazard to the attention of local boaters. Erik has also lead the charge to have this hidden hazard properly marked and included on future USGS charts since his run in with the rock in while visiting Sucia Island in his cruiser in July, 2009.  The impact caused serious damage to the shaft, prop, strut, and rudder. Fortunately his boat was able to limp to a Bellingham shipyard for assistance.

Sucia Island is one of the most popular boating destinations in the San Juan Islands with over 100,000 visitors each year. On weekends and holidays when the bays and coves around Sucia are teaming with traffic, it might be tempting for experienced and inexperienced boaters to cross through what looks like safe/deep waters. Having a stationary marker or permanent buoy on these rocks would go a long way in ensuring visitors to Sucia Island have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Ewing Cove Sucia Island Marine Park Approaching Sucia Island From The Northeast With Matia Island Ahead Driftwood On The Shoreline Of Ewing Bay Overlook Above Echo Bay From Ewing Bay Shoreline
Picnic Tables Overlooking Echo Bay Ewing Cove Rocky Shoreline Overlooking Echo Bay Beach In Ewing Cove Sucia Island Marine Park
Ewing Cove Sucia Island Rocky Shoreline Of Ewing Cove Sucia Mosquito And Bug Hatchery Supplies Pests For The North Side Of Sucia Island Unique Rock Formation Ewing Cove
Photo Picnic Table And FIre Ring Echo Bay From Ewing Cove Ewing Cove Sucia Island Mooring Buoys In Ewing Cove Sucia Island Trail Map
Coming Ashore To The Pay Station Ewing Cove Sucia Rocky Shoreline Of Ewing Bay Sucia Island Pay Station And Rules Pebble Beach Sucia Island's  Ewing Cove
Ewing Cove Beach

Ewing Cove has a lot going for it and it's one of the more interesting anchorages on Sucia Island but it isn't for everyone. What makes Ewing Cove interesting is its multiple openings to Echo Bay and another opening to a vast expanse of water on the north side.

When you tie up at a mooring buoy in Ewing Cove the park service asks that you go ashore and register within 30 minutes. 

The approach to the beach has some eel grass at low tide but it isn't much of a problem, and the beach is covered mostly with smooth, small pebbles so beaching an inflatable dingy is a breeze. The fee for using a mooring buoy is $ 10.00 per night (2011), with a 3-night maximum stay per visit. You can anchor for free but it is not advisable doing so in Ewing Cove due to its rocky bottom and strong currents.

Wave Action In Ewing Cove

Depending on the wind direction and the weather the wave action at night might in Ewing Cove may be beyond your comfort level, either bouncy to downright toss you out of your bunk rough. You can also experience some wave action throughout the day from passing yacht cruising between the cove and Matia Island.

Swirling Currents Of Ewing Cove Are Erie

Approaching the beach by dingy you pass the small opening into the Sound looking north where you can see the towers of Vancouver on a clear day. This opening can be a bit tricky if you are trying to row a dinghy to shore due to the strong currents flowing in or out of the opening depending on the tide. Sucia is like a stepping stone in the middle of an ever flowing stream. This can be an amusing feature because the water swirls and churns as it passes around the island and over the uneven rocky formations below the surface. You may see an occasional whirlpool or hear an unexpected splash here and there as the currents meet random waves near your boat.  

Overnight Camping At Ewing Cove

Campsites at Ewing cove are restricted to 4 people and immediate family only. NO GROUP CAMPING IS ALLOWED. The reason no group camping is allowed is this area's proximity to several Eagle nests. Park officials don't want rowdy campers disturbing the birds. The campsite onshore gets some fairly good use. This is a good place for Sea Kayakers to set up camp over night and also good place to escape the bugs due to its relative wind speed that tends to blow them all away.  

Cats Relaxing The A Afternoon AwayProtect Your Pets From Hungry Raptors Or Mischievious Bald Eagles

There are a number of Bald Eagles nesting around Ewing cove. They spend their day squawking, soaring, and swooping down for fish and other potential food targets. Eagles are well known for their sensitivity around humans and choosing to live far from humans but the eagles on Sucia Island don't seem at all bothered by the boats and people visiting their realm. It seems the main source of irritation for the Eagles of Sucia are the black birds who spend their days hassling the Eagles in their nests and chasing them as they fly. You can't help but wonder why such a skilled predator would put up with such nonsense and misery.

If you aren't used to seeing bald eagles in person you might be surprised by just how big they are, and how giant their wing spans are. American Bald Eagles can weigh up to 13 pounds which is heavy for a flying bird and they have a wing span of up to 8 feet. Bald Eagles have a lifespan of about 20 years and eat mainly fish but they also eat rabbits, raccoons, beavers, ducks, gulls, and geese. Eagles fly and soar at about 35-40 mph and when diving for prey they can reach speeds up to 99 mph!

If you brought along any small pets you don't want to leave them unattended on deck because an eagle could easily swoop them up and carry them off to their treetop for dinner. The same thing goes for newborn babies and toddlers, something native Americans know very well.

Ewing Cove Is One Of Sucia Island's Most Beautiful Anchorages

Hiking Trails Of Sucia

Once ashore you can hike the trails that link up to all the major coves and anchorages on Sucia Island or you can stake out a picnic table and enjoy the surroundings. You might want to bring along some bug spray if you plan to do any hiking or stay ashore any extended period of time. There have been a few times it would have come in handy. While other times it was comletely bug free it seemed.

Sucia Island is a lush and natural paradise with dense foliage so it has its share of mosquitoes (in marshy areas of the island), flying insects and things that just sit there and buzz to irritate you, although most people aren't bothered while hanging out on their boats. 

Seals, Seals, And More Seals Visiting Ewing Cove

If you're a Sealaphobe stay away from Ewing Cove, however If you enjoy seal watching this is the place to be, and you can also venture out of the cove to the north where there's a reef that appears at low tide. Twice a day this rocky outcropping is covered with dozens of seals barking, socializing, and just hanging out. The Lummi Indians used to come here to kill seals but nowadays, visitors to Sucia Island gravitate to the reef to observe. As the tide comes in and covers the reef, the seals disburse throughout the area islands, with many coming into Ewing cove to fish and people watch. It goes without saying that these are wild animals so you don't want to corner them, disturb them or do something really stupid, like try to pet one.

Lots To Like About Sucia Island Marine Park

 There are many reasons to like Ewing cove but perhaps the best thing about it is there's so much to see while just relaxing on the back of your boat. The bald eagles, seals, and swirling waters always seem to be putting on a show, and there's a great view of Matia and the parade of boats, motor yachts, and sailboat passing making their way through the San Juan Island.

Ewing Cove on Sucia Island is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the San Juan Islands and a perennial favorite destination for the more adventurous Pacific Northwest boaters.

IMPORTANT:  Always consult your charts before attempting to navigate anywhere near Sucia Island or anywhere in Puget Sound for that matter. There is no rhyme or reason to why or where reefs, rocks or shallow waters are located. In the middle of 500 ft deep water you can suddenly come upon some rocks that are visible only at low tide. Captain Vancouver discovered many of the hidden rocks and reefs when he and his crew ran aground several times on Sucia.

Ewing Cove Pay Station & Toilets Photo - Sucia Island Washington

Pros: Beautiful scenery, lots of seals, bald eagles and geese.  Only 4 buoys so it doesn't feel busy.Cons: Tidal current swirling through the cove makes rowing a dingy slightly challenging for inexperienced rowers. Overnight wave action can get bouncy.                        TERMS OF USE
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