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Beautiful Fossil Bay - Looking towards fox cove - Sucia Island Marine Park Washington

2 Floating Docks With 660 Ft Dock Space (1 Seasonal)
16 Mooring Buoys
(Orcas Island in Background)
  Fossil Bay - Sucia Island Marine Park Washington 

Fossil bay is one of Sucia  Island's most popular anchorages and one of it's most beautiful. Fossil Bay is also one of Sucia's most protected anchorages with two docks and access to picnic tables, water, pit toilets, and some of the best hiking trails on the island.  Fossil Bay is located on the east side of the island next to Snoring bay and just opposite Fox Cove to the west across a small beach enbankment.  If it seems like Sucia Island has a lot of anchorages for an island its size it does. The unique geology and rock formations found throughout the island make Sucia a natural wonder and a truly remarkable destianation.
Visiting The San Juan Islands - Washington's Natural Treasure
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Sucia Island Sign Fossil Bay Sucia Ashore At Fossil Bay Sucia Busy Dock At Fossil Bay
Trees On Shore At Fossil Bay Beautiful Fossil Bay Sucia Island Marine Park Wa Open Space Ashore At Fossil Bay Sucia Island Boats Tied Up For The Night In Fossil Bay
Picnic Table And Fire Ring Ashore At Fossil Bay Busy Dock In Fossil Bay Sucia Island In The San Juans Washington Approaching Sucia Island In The San Juan Islands Dinghys Hanging Out At The Dock Fossil Bay Sucia
Evening Falls On Fossil Bay Approaching Fossil Bay Entrance From The Northeast Beautiful Fossil Bay Washington Fossil Bay Dock - Sucia Island Marine Park
Fossils And Shells In Fossil Bay

Fossil bay got its name from the fossils of small marine life that are found in the surrounding rock faces. The seashells and fossils were deposited into the sandstone rocks when portions of the island were once part of the sea floor in Baha California. There are 16 mooring buoys to tie up to in Fossil Bay as well as two floating docks--One of which is seasonal. With both docks in place Fossil Bay offers 660 ft of floating dock space which tends to fill up fast on holidays and on weekends during the summer months. 

When you tie up to a dock at any Washington State park you pay .50 cents per foot so a 40 ft. boat would cost you $20. Some boaters choose to simply anchor in Fossil bay rather than tie up to a buoy to avoid the $10.00 buoy fee (2011), however they are still expected to go ashore and register at the pay station so the park service can keep accurate attendance records.

Sucia Island Marine Park Sign Lists Those Responsible For The Establishment Of The ParkSaving The Planet One Weed At A Time

Some environmentalist believe that anchoring at Sucia Island is disturbing plants and upsetting sea life on ocean floor below Sucia Island's coves and bay so they want to ban it, allowing only tying up at buoys. The up side would be that there would be more buoys which people seem to prefer however, due to the popularity of Sucia Island with area boaters there would never be enough buoys to handle the demand and people who have travelled far and wide to get to Sucia would be turned away.

 While it may be true that an anchor digs into the sand and earth and may uproot some plants banning the practice of anchoring may be taking things a bit too far. It has not been proven that anchoring has significantly disturbed the Puget Sound ecosystem. We will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Fossils Were Deposited Into Sucia Island's Sandstone When Portions Of The Island Were Part Of A Submerged Sea FloorSucia Island Pirate SweatshirtWelcome To Sucia Island Marine Park

Just above the gangway of Fossil Bay's first dock you are welcomed by a park sign paying tribute to those responsible for the acquisition and creation of Sucia Island  marine park. We all owe them all a debt of gratitude for making Sucia accessible to the general public and safe from development. Just a few yards up the trail you will find the pay station, pit toilet, as well as a water faucet. (Seasonal). From this trailhead where you can choose to veer left and hike to nearby fox cove or go right and take the trail to snoring bay, echo bay and beyond. Trails are well marked with guideposts.

Drinking Water Is Available Seasonally near the paybox - Fossil Bay Sucia IslandWater Station On Shore

Fresh water is available in Fossil Bay from April to September. During winter months freezing temperatures would burst pipes. While it would be nice if there were showers available as well, if you had all the comforts of home you'd might as well stay home. 

Water is precious on Sucia Island. The park service asks that you conserve water when possible by not leaving the faucet running and simply not wasting any so that there will be enough for the other guests. Even though the island is surrounded by saltwater, fresh water is in scarce supply.

Pay Station Ashore - Fossil Bay - Sucia Island Marine Park DocksPack It In & Pack It Out

There's no trash pickup on shore at Fossil bay or anywhere on Sucia Island so you are required to take your garbage back with you and simply dispose of it when you get home. 

The park service had found itself struggling with a mountain of trash that had to be collected daily and then transported off the island. It really isn't inconvenient nor too much to ask that you simply take home with you what you brought, and the island has actually become cleaner since their new policy has been in force, in part because there are no garbage cans to tip over or for wildlife to rummage through. 


Fossil Bay Toilets - Fireworks are not allowed for obvious reasons The picnic tables on the Fossil Bay Docks are a great place to hang out between island hikes and meet fellow boaters. Beautiful Clear Waters Of Sucia Island's Fossil Bay

Fossil Bay - Sucia Island Washington


As nighttime falls on Fossil Bay, many people like to dinghy ashore to light bonfires socialize with fellow boaters. If you plan on roasting wieners or snuggling by a fire you will need to bring your own wood because gathering of firewood is not allowed and so many ignore that rule there isn't any wood to find anyway. Most of the island can get picked clean of even the smallest twigs and driftwood usually won't burn so. If space is at a premium on your boat or you don't want to be hauling cords of firewood around consider buying a case of presto fireplace logs. You won't be able to roast wieners over the flames but it will be much more compact and manageable to transport and handle ashore. 
If sharing a campfire ashore isn't in the cards you can always consider staying on your boat star gazing and sharing a bottle of wine. 

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