Fox Cove Is A Bay Located On The West Side Of Sucia Island Marine Park
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Fox Cove can be seen in the far background on the other side of the sandbar.  The boats and dock you see are in Fossil Bay

4 Mooring Buoys $10.00 Per Night
 Toilets, Picnic Tables, Campsites
Wildlife --  Eagles, Seals, Geese
(Above Photo Taken From Fossil Bay...  Water in the distance on other side of the beach Is Fox Cove)
Sucia Island WA Marine Park - Fox Cove

Fox cove is one of the lesser visited anchorages on Sucia Island but it's every bit as enjoyable as the the other 5 bays and coves. Tucked away between Sucia and Little Sucia islands, Fox Cove has a sandy beach, access to hiking trails and views of both Orcas Island & Patos Islands. Please note that Fox Cove is on the West side of Sucia island and is subjected to rough water during a prevailing westerly wind as well as passing boat traffic, making it not as desirable as some of Sucia's other bays for anchoring.

 The small ridge of land that separates Fox Cove from Fossil bay is popular for camping and is a great place to walk along the beach in the evening and watch the sun set.

Know Before You Go!  Current Weather Conditions For The San Juan Islands (Friday Harbor Wa)
Fox Cove On Sucia Island   Picnic Table And Fire Rings Along The Ridge At Fox Cove Sucia  Fossil Sign Fox Cove 
Campsite Ashore At Fox Cove  Looking Across To Orcas Island Sucia Island Is Fun For The Whole Family
Fox Cove Sucia Island Marine Park As Evening Falls Fox Cove Sucia Island Looking West Towards Vancouver Island
Evening Falls On Sucia Island Sucia Island Marine Park Fox Cove Quiet Beach In Fox Cove Sucia Island
Mysterious Geology Of Sucia Island

One of the most interesting things about this ridge of land is its geology and distant origin. Geologists have determined that the sandstone in this area of the island is made up of two masses from very different places-- fused together right at the ridge between Fox Cove and Fossil Bay.

The mass on the west side of the ridge was once part of Baja California while the other is made of Chuckanut sandstone from Western Washington. Over millions of years and through a series of earthquakes and fault slips, the two masses of stone were fused them into one.

The ancient sandstone was once quarried from Sucia. You can still see the sheer rock walls where the sandstone was cut on the ridge between Fox Cove and Fossil Bay. The quarry was short-lived when it was determined that the stone was too soft and was crumbling when used as a building material and the quarry was closed. Sucia has been been the site of a number of other enterprises including smugglers haven, fox farm, and summer camp.           
Fossils From Sucia's Ancient Past Can Be Seen In The Rocks Of Fox CoveSucia Island WA Features And Facilities

Sucia Island Marine park has 60 campsites ashore and three group campsites that can be reserved. There are also three picnic shelters which are great for rainy days or passing showers.

To reserve a group campsite you can call the park system at (360) 376-2073.

Little Sucia Isalnd... Fox Cove - Sucia Island WashingtonMoorage On Sucia Island
There are a total of 48 mooring buoys on Sucia island but only 4 in Fox Cove. There is no fee for boats that anchor. The bottoms of the coves and bays tend to be sandy with some mud however portions are very rocky making anchoring difficult. Be very careful while maneuvering around the bays and coastlines of Sucia because there are many submerged rocks and reefs in the most unlikely places. Always consult your nautical charts and use extreme caution.

Things To Do On Sucia Island
How many times have you wondered what you would do if you were on an uninhabited island? Sucia Island is a chance to find out although not on busy weekends.
Hiking on 10 miles of designated trails with stunning vista overlooking Puget Soud
Fishing / Crabbing
Wildlife Viewing - There are deer, eagles, puffins, seals, and other sealife on and around Sucia Island
Diving - The waters surrounding Sucia are rich with sea life
Kite flying
Camping - in one of 60 designated campsites

Note: Fossil Hunting And Firewood Gathering Is Prohibited

Boats At Rest For The Night At Sucia Island Marine Park Washington
Patos Island WA To The West

Looking West From Fox Cove You Have A Clear View Of Patos Island. Fox Cove Is An Excellent Choice For Watching The Sunsets, however, it provides little protection from West or Southwesterly Winds And Waves. 
Patos Island Seen From Fox Cove - Sucia Island WashingtonBeautiful Patos Lighthouse Stands Watch With Mount Baker In The Distance  

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