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Gay & Lesbian Bellingham Washington

Bellingham Wa  has a substantial Lesbian & Gay community, although it may not be very apparent because many local gays & lesbians choose a more laid back existence than those living in places like Seattle or San Francisco. You won't see any giant marches and parades and there is no so called "Gay Ghetto",  but there are gay owned shops and restaurants and yes there is a gay bar as well as other gay friendly pubs and nightspots. 

  • Gays & Lesbians Chowing Down Photo - Friends Sharing DinnerBellingham has approximately 10% more gays & lesbians than the national average according to a 2003 survey, however, ask any local gay or lesbian and they will tell you it's much more.

  • Did you know?: Bellingham bay was named after a bookkeeper by George Vancouver. The city of Bellingham was created with the merging of 3 cities. Fairhaven, Sehome, and Whatcom. It took the name of the bay and became one city--Bellingham Washington.

  • Bellingham is known as the city of subdued excitement and some residents like to be called Bellinghamsters.

Gay & Lesbian Bullet TrainHandsome Tattoo Guy With Pierced Ear - Goatee BeardBetween Seattle & Vancouver B.C.

Bellingham is a stop on Amtrak's Cascades route that links up several major cities with Large Gay & Lesbian communities, from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia,Canada.Hopping on a train at Bellingham's beautiful Fairhaven station is like boarding a magic carpet ride to Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver, and it is surprisingly affordable.The route between Bellingham and Seattle winds along the water's edge and gives you spectacular views of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.   The Cascades train route is considered to be one of the most scenic rail trips in North America.       Keep a sharp eye out for bald eagles, seals, and perhaps even a pod of killer whales.If you are traveling northbound you'll want to be sitting at a left side window seat, and on southbound trips you'll want a right side window seat for the best view.Downtown Bellingham

Why would a Gay or Lesbian want to live in Bellingham?  

The same reason anyone would.  The breathtaking beauty, recreational opportunities, the  San Juan Islands,  and overall quality of life Bellingham has to offer.



Handsome Guy With Weights And NecklaceBellingham  is relatively progressive and sophisticated, perhaps due to its proximity to Seattle and Vancouver B.C. , and another factor may be the enormous influx of California and Oregon residents over the years that are used to having gay or lesbian neighbors and don't give it a thought.

Sunbathing Couple On Blue Striped Towel - Reading BookIf you are interested in purchasing a home in the Bellingham area and want to receive professional service from a Real Estate Agent dedicated to the Gay & Lesbian community. Please complete our  Ez-response form to have a list of available properties emailed to you.If you have any general questions about the Bellingham area please feel free to contact us using our FEEDBACK Page. We'll look forward to hearing from you.




Bellingham Gay Bar / Bellingham Wa Gay Nightspot: 

Rumors - Gay Bar, Dance Club, Nightspot/Cabaret/Alternative Nightclub -Whatever you choose to call it, Rumors is "The" place to be in the Bellingham Washington Gay scene. While not exclusively gay, because it is straight friendly with the hip college age crowd drawn to the dance floor with an awesome sound system and light show. Rumors is also one of the best dance clubs in Northwest Washington. Not much to look at on the outside, this Gay hotspot is unassuming and tucked quietly amongst popular eateries and a brewpub in Downtown Bellingham.

Located at 1119 Railroad avenue it is easy to find. 360 671-1849


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Rumors Gay Bar Nightclub Bellingham Washington

Hot Action Of Vancouver Is Only 1 Hr AwayHot Clubs - Gay Bars & Pubs Only 1 Hr Away From Bellingham WA

The Excitement of Vancouver British Columbia  

Is Only 1 Hour North Of Bellingham !


Gay & Lesbian Kissing Bedroom :     



Best Place For Gays And Lesbians To Live Depends On Your Perspective


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