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Marijuana Stores In Washington - Bellingham WA Pot Stores Now Open!

Bellingham Pot Stores have opened their doors and have already become a magnet for Marijuana Tourism from Vancouver and Western Canada. Bellingham has traditionally been a popular shopping and sporting destination for Canadian families for decades but now with the new state marijuana laws Bellingham is attracting a younger crowd with one thing on their mind--Marijuana.  But just because Marijuana is legal doesn't mean its for everybody.

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Buying Pot, Weed, Cannibis, Marijuana In Bellingham

Thanks to the passage of Washington Stateís Initiative I-502, by a margin of approximately 56 to 44 percent, use of Recreational Marijuana is now legal for adults 21 years and over, but you canít just go to your local illegal drug dealer or pimp for it. You have to purchase your weed from an officially State licensed Marijuana dealer and possession is only allowed in small amounts.

If you plan to consume your Pot purchase while visiting Bellingham be aware that driving while wasted or bombed out on marijuana can land you in jail and if you are a Canadian, and a conviction may prevent you from entering into the USA in the future.

Marijuana Stores In Bellingham -Highway Location Near James Street Bellingham
Legal But Canadians Could Still Get In BIG Trouble?

Canadian POT tourists Beware.  Even though Marijuana is now legal in Washington State you can be tagged and get banned from entering the USA in the future.

Marijuana is illegal under the United States Federal laws and Canadian law so you could potentially pay a big price for simply admitting you tried Marijuana during your visit to Washington State. If you think this is strange or bizarre you would be right.


DUI / Driving Under The Influence of Marijuana/Pot/Weed/Cannabis is determined if your THC levels in your blood are 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood.

Smoking or consuming Marijuana can make you dizzy and slow your reaction time, making driving and operating heavy machinery very dangerous. Legal or not, if you are high you should not be driving at all. Please Be Safe.

Marijuana Shops In Bellingham Washington Are Now Open For BusinessTHE PROS AND CONS OF GETTING HIGH ON MARIJUANA 

Pro-Marijuana activists have argued that taxing Marijuana/Cannabis will help save the economy and bring millions of dollars into the State's general fund. Smoking Weed is safer than drinking alcohol.

They believe legal Marijuana sales will save money on our prison systems because less people will end up in prison for drug related crimes. Many Washington State black activists have been especially supportive of the passage of legalized marijuana laws because of the much larger number of blacks being incarcerated for marijuana related offenses. Pro-marijuana activists also claim it will help increase marijuana access to cancer patients to help treat the side effects of radiation therapy. Some studies also suggest Marijuana may even help slow the growth of some tumors due to a substance it contains called TCH.

Marijuana Pot Stores In Whatcom County Washington Are Now OpenAnti-Marijuana arguments include concerns over the use of Cannabis trigging a heart attack, panic attacks, paranoia, and causing the onset of schizophrenia. A study by the British Lung Foundation concluded smoking just 3 joints a day can cause the same lung damage as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Studies have also shown that the tar in Marijuana cigarettes contain 50% more cancer causing carcinogens that tobacco cigarettes. Marijuana is an addictive substance

Smoking Marijuana vs. Drinking Alcoholď(Smoking marijuana is) not something I encourage, and Iíve told my daughters I think itís a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy.Ē ----ďI donít think it is more dangerous than alcohol.Ē  PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA

Not surprisingly studies have shown there is a dark side to binge drinking. Binge drinking teens who consumed 5 or more alcoholic drinks 2 or more times per week had damage to their brains that could cause attention deficit and memory loss problems. Teens with impaired judgment from Alcohol consumption could also engage in risky behavior including unprotected sex and illegal drug abuse including smoking Marijuana.

Legalized Marijuana For Sale In Bellingham Washington State Marijuana StoresThe simple fact is, many people who regularly smoke marijuana also drink alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes. It has long been a concern by many that smoking cigarettes could lead to smoking marijuana, but what about the other way around? Will legalized Marijuana and regular Cannabis use lead to Cigarette smoking?  Regular Tobacco use can lead to serious respiratory diseases, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Amputation, and Artery Disease. You can be sure that both pro-marijuana and anti-legalized marijuana camps will be watching the effects of legalized marijuana on the community in hopes of proving their arguments.

At the end of the day if you are an adult you are responsible for what type of drugs you put into your body, whether its legal or illegal, moral or ethical. Is smoking Marijuana safer than drinking Alcohol? The jury is still out on that. In the meantime if you plan on getting high on Marijuana or anything it is logical to presume that Moderation is key.


Smoking Marijuana is an expensive habit to take on at about $220.00 per ounce, which is equal to about the cost of a monthís worth of groceries for the average American. Even if you are a light user and smoke 3-4 Marijuana cigarettes per day it will cost you plenty. At about $4 per Marijuana cigarette a 4 joint per day marijuana habit could set you back about $480.00 per month.

Pot Stores In Washington State Are Now OpenIf you are on welfare and are currently using your EBT card to purchase Marijuana you may soon be out luck. If Senate Bill SB 5279 is passed you will have to find another way to get wasted. Marijuana may soon be added to a list of prohibited items you cannot purchase with your card/s including Lottery Tickets, Booze, Cigarettes, Tattoos etc. To be fair, if you are on welfare getting stoned isnít going to help your situation. Public assistance is intended for more immediate needs such as food, shelter etc.

Pro or Con it will take some getting used to the new Washington State Marijuana laws but one thing's for sure. Bellingham, already known as a popular shopping, gambling, and vacation destination is set to become even more popular with Canadian day trippers as well as Northwest Washington residents. Be Safe.

 Is It Time To Legalize The World's Oldest Profession In Washington State?

The Bellingham Washington area, already home to numerous Gambling Casinos, State Lottery, And Now Legalized Marijuana the addition of Legalized Prostitution in Washington State could help Bellingham Washington become know as the Las Vegas of the Pacific Northwest. Even though prostitution technically isn't legal within the Las Vegas city limits, Prostitution is big business in Sin City and could bring in much needed tax revenue in Washington State.

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