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Millennium Trail Through Bellingham Washington

Bellingham WA Millennium Trail - Bellingham Area Hiking Trails

Chuckanut - Fairhaven - Bellingham - Ferndale -  Birch Bay - Blaine - White Rock B.C.

Millenniumtrail.com's Official Coast  Millennium Trail Online GuideImpressive 50 Mile Route

The creation of the Coast Millennium Trail is an exciting project that incorporates a number of improvements to existing trails and links together bike lanes to create an impressive 50 mile long bike trail through one of Northwest Washington's most beautiful regions. This will become in effect a cyclist dream highway stretching from Colony Creek in northwestern Skagit County, all the way to the Canadian Border in Blaine.  

This Millennium Trail route winds its way past Larrabee State Park off Chuckanut Drive and then weaves its way through historic Fairhaven, then passes through various waterfront and water view parks as it rounds Bellingham Bay. Once leaving Bellingham the trail passes through Ferndale, Birch Bay, and Blaine before reaching its final destination at White Rock B.C. where cyclist can then connect with Canadian trails and bikeways to destinations beyond. 


Plans are in the making for a border-to-border hiking/biking trail from Southern California to the Canadian border and beyond. The route has been mapped out and defined, but just like any grand scheme-- the devil is in the details. Fortunately, the Whatcom County portion of the trail is already in place and waiting for you to enjoy. Do we really need a border-to-border trail?  It is hard enough to drive the distance by car and takes several days. Would the the enormous cost of creating such a trail be worth it when only a small number of people would actually use it?                   What Do You Think About The Millennium Trail?



POLL:  If a border-to-border Millennium trail were ever completed--

Would you actually use it?                YES   NO

If Yes, How Would You Travel?      BIKE HIKE

Would You Travel The Whole Distance Or Only Portions Of The Trail?

                                                       The Entire Distance     Only Certain Portions

Which Portions Of The Trail Are You Likely To Use?  (Choose As Many As you Like).

Southern CA  Northern CA    Southern OR   Northern OR   Southern WA  Northern WA

Do You Have Any Comments Or Suggestions About The Millennium Trail?    

Path Through The Park At Squalicum Harbor - Bellingham Washington -  A stop along the Coast Millennium Trail System



Fairhaven Cruise Terminal - Alaskan Marine Highway Ferry

Above: The Millennium Trail In Foreground - Winds  Its Way Along  Fairhaven's Waterfront




Sudden Valley



Barkley District


Lake Whatcom


Birch Bay

Lummi Island



Mt Baker Ski Area


Tulip Festival

Alaska Marine Hwy

WA State Ferries

Whale Watching

San Juan Islands


Real Estate

Chuckanut Beach - A stop along the Coast Millennium TrailA Good Starting Point For The Bellingham Portion Of The Trail

One of the most popular places to begin the Whatcom County portion of the millennium trail is from the Larrabee State Park off of Chuckanut Drive.    

Larrabee has plenty of parking, a large campground, and most of all it is a beautiful and fun place to begin your journey. You will want to allow time to explore the miles of hiking trails in this magnificent   2,683-acre State park.   

Coast Millennium Trail WashingtonAnother popular resting place on your way to the US/Canadian border is the beautiful Birch Bay State Park in northern Whatcom County. The small waterfront town of Birch Bay is just beyond the gates of the park, where you will find a small market where you can stock up on supplies, and there are a number of quaint water view restaurants where you can enjoy a hearty meal before continuing on your way.    

For More Information The Millennium Trail Project Homepage

Office of the Secretary, S-3
United States Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20590 U.S.A.

Chuckanut Map

Bellingham Map

 Birch Bay Map


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