Mount Baker Ski Area Is Bellingham's Winter Playground
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Mount Baker WA Ski Area - Bellingham's Winter Playground

Due east of Bellingham Washington stands majestic Mount Baker, one of the most beautiful and distinctive mountains of the northern Cascade mountain range that stretches from California to British Columbia, Canada. Mt. Baker's magnificent snowy white glacial peak remains covered in snow and ice year round. The pristine snow pack collected through the winter months slowly melts creating a flow through crystal clear streams to area rivers and lakes. The Mt. Baker snowmelt contributes not only to Bellingham's drinking water but the rest of Whatcom county as well and the cool, clear waters of area rivers are host to one of nature's most amazing spectacles-- The annual salmon run.

February 2013 In Bellingham About
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Artistic Inspiration
Mount Baker has inspired countless paintings and artwork over the years as it continually dazzles onlookers throughout northwest Washington and Southern British Columbia. Residents of Vancouver and Victoria B.C. enjoy a delightful view of Mount Baker from a distance. Ironically, due to Bellingham's close proximity to the mountain, residents only get a small peek-a-boo view of the top of its peak over areal foothills.
Mount Baker Ski Area Is Bellingham's Winter Playground

Bellingham is also home to the starting point of the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System.  A unique ferry system linking Alaska's islands to the mainland United States.Mt. Baker Ski To Sea Race

The Mount Baker Ski Area is host to the annual Ski To Sea festival, a seven-legged, 100-mile competition held each year. The race begins on the ski slopes of Mount Baker and includes outdoor activities Bellingham is famous for, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, running, cycling, canoeing, mountain biking and kayaking. The race also once included other activities such as mountaineering, horse back riding, fishing boat, and waterskiing. The race has also been shorted.

Originally the Ski to Sea race ran from the city of Bellingham to the top of Mount Baker and back, however the race was cancelled when a runner fell into a crevasse. Today the race is from the ski slopes of Mount Baker down to Bellingham Bay covering 94 miles. The final leg of the race is the sea kayak where competitors hop in their kayak at Squalicum Harbor and paddle across Bellingham Bay to Marine Park in Bellingham's Fairhaven District, hop out and run up the shore to ring a bell at the finish line.

MOUNT BAKER SKI AREA DIRECTIONS: Take I-5 North From Seattle To Bellingham WA- Exit East On Sunrise-- This becomes the Mt. Baker Highway. Keep Driving Until You Get To The Ski Area 52 miles east of Bellingham - Drive Time Approximately 1 hr 15 mins

For more information call Mt.Baker Recreation (360) 734-6771.Matterhorn Peak-Like mountain - Mt Baker Ski Area - Bellingham Washington

Record Snowfall On Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker holds the world record for measurable snow fall in one year during the 1998-1999 snowfall season. The state reported that over 1,140 inches fell. The snowfall measurement was taken daily on a flat surface. This claim was carefully scrutinized by experts from NOAA, The Western Regional Climate Center, The American Association of State Climatologists, and The National Climatic Data Center.

Once verified this new record beat the old snowfall record by 18 inches. The previous record was set 1972 on the slopes of Mt. Rainer.

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The Mt. Baker Ski Area Prices
Below are some sample prices for Mount Baker Ski Area Season Passes (Subject to change without notice - Check official Ski Area website for current pricing)
Adult: $ 765.00
Child: $ 215.00
Senior: $ 445.00
Young Adult 16-17 years old: $ 520.00
College - Full Time Students: $ 675.00

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Weather Permitting*

Lava Flowing From An Active VolcanoTHE MOUNT BAKER VOLCANO
Mount Baker is at the northern end of the Cascade Range of volcanoes with a peak reaching 10,781 ft. making it the third-highest mountain in Washington State. Mt. Baker is one of the Cascade range's youngest volcanoes and is considered active. Several eruptions have been observed from Bellingham during the 1800's. In 1860, passengers on a boat travelling to Victoria B.C. witnessed Mt. Baker belching out large volumes of smoke and ash. In 1975 a large increase in fumaroles activity melted snow and ice in the Sherman crater which prompted the closure of Baker Lake recreation area on the south slopes of Mt. Baker. Read More

Flying Saucers Over Mount Baker Washington
Did You Know? The phrase "Flying Saucer" was first coined in 1947 just weeks before the famous Roswell incident when small plane pilot and businessman, Kenneth Arnold described nine disc objects flying over Mount Baker and then travelling at high speed to Mount Rainier before flying off into the distance. Read More.

Bellingham Is Known For Being An Outdoor Lover's Dream Destination and having something for everyone with just about every kind of outdoor activity you could imagine. Bellingham is also home to the southern terminus of the Alaskan Marine Highway Ferry System offering car and passenger service north to Alaska.  

Mount Baker Ski Area Is Bellingham Washington's Winter PlaygroundSkiing - Snowboarding - Cross Country & Hot Chocolate

 If you're looking for some winter fun in the snow, the Mount Baker Ski Area has it all, in fact it holds the world record for the average annual snowfall of any resort in the world - over 53 Feet of snow! It also holds the record for the most snowfall ever measured in the USA - 93.5 feet. Tackle Mount Baker's intermediate or more challenging runs with colorful names like Chicken Ridge, Pan Face, and The Chute. If the Mount Baker Ski Area looks somehow familiar its because it has often been featured snowboard and ski films. 
Things To Do In Whatcom County - Bellingham Tourism And Hospitality
Whale Watching Island Mariner
52621 Harbor Loop Dr.
Bellingham, Wa
(360) 734-8866
Bellingham Airport
4255 Mitchell Wy
Bellingham, Wa
From Interstate 5 Exit 258 West & Turn right on Airport Way - Or use a park-and-ride lot off Interstate 5 and take the shuttle to the airport.
Mt. Baker Ski Area
Exit 255 off Interstate 5 and travel East of Bellingham 52 miles on State Highway 542
Phone (360) 734-6771
Sudden Valley Country Club Golf Course
4 Clubhouse Circle
Bellingham, Wa
(360) 734-6435
Regal Cinemas
005 Cinema Place
Bellingham, Wa
(360) 527-1320
Bellingham Washington History Comes Alive At Bellingham Area MuseumsBellingham WA History & Trivia
Bellingham Washington got its name when George Vancouver landed on the shores of Bellingham Bay in 1792 and named the area after his friend Sir William Bellingham, a bookkeeper in the English Navy.

The Bellingham area was first settled in 1852 as Whatcom and later merged with three adjoining cities including Fairhaven to become modern day Bellingham in 1903. Bellingham is often ranked amongst the finest cities to live in the US in many major national publications due to its quality of life and almost unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities. Bellingham is also notable for having more drive-through outlets than any other place in the country.
Fun Things To Do In Bellingham Washington 
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