Photo Mt Baker Ski Area - Bellingham Washington

Mount Baker Ski Area Guide - Bellingham WA

Mount Baker - Bellingham Washington Majestic Mt. Baker WA

Due east of Bellingham Washington stands majestic Mount Baker,  one of the most beautiful mountains of the northern Cascade mountain range that stretches from California to British Columbia, Canada.     Mt. Baker's magnificent snowy white glacial peak remains covered in snow and ice year round.     The pristine snow pack collected through the winter months slowly melts and flows through crystal clear streams to area rivers and lakes year round, contributing to not only Bellingham's drinking water but the rest of Whatcom county as well.      The cool, clear waters of area rivers are also host to one of nature's most amazing spectacles-- The annual salmon run.   

Mount Baker - Bellingham Washington


Artistic Inspirations In Bellingham Region

Mount Baker has inspired countless paintings and artwork over the years and it continually dazzles onlookers throughout northwest Washington and Southern British Columbia.    Residents of Vancouver and Victoria B.C. enjoy a delightful view of Mount Baker from a distance, but Bellingham Residents are treated to a much closer view because it is in their own back yard.   As you make your way around Bellingham you will often see Mount Baker's snowy white peak just over the hills.   


Bellingham is also home to the starting point of the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System.  A unique ferry system linking Alaska's islands to the mainland United States.Mt. Baker Ski Area Bellingham's Winter Playground

 The Mount Baker Ski Area is host to the annual Ski To Sea festival and its slopes are often enjoy a remarkably long ski season.





DIRECTIONS: Take I-5 North From Seattle To Bellingham WA- Exit East On Sunrise-- This becomes the Mt. Baker Highway.  Keep Driving Until You Get To The Ski Area.
 For more information call Mt. Baker Recreation (360) 734-6771.




Matterhorn Peak-Like mountain - Mt Baker Ski Area - Bellingham Washington

Record Snowfall On The Peak Of Mount Baker

Mt. Baker WA holds the world record for measurable snow fall in one year,   Over 1,140 inches.   

Did You Know? ---  Mt. Baker is amazingly close to Bellingham, however, driving to the ski area takes a little longer than you'd think because the road is both winding and the ski area is actually on the back, or east side of the mountain.  Also, it is only about half way up to the glacial peak.


Bellingham's Mt Baker holds the world's record for snowfall

Mount Baker Washington