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Beautiful Shallw Bay On Sucia Island's West Side 

  Sucia Island's Echo Bay has    14 mooring Buoys  @ $10.00 Per Night And  Campsites Ashore

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Shallow Bay Anchorage Occupies Sucia Island's West Side

Along with Fox Bay, Shallow Bay is on the west side of Sucia Island and both offer less protection from the elements than many of the other Sucia Island Anchorages but it still has its fans as well as those that land there because nothing else is available.

Having said that, Sucia Island is without doubt an all time favorite for Washington Boaters. Its hard to have a bad day on Sucia Island unless you get caught in an unexpected squall or you drop your boat keys overboard. Shallow bay got its name for a reason but it is a bit deeper on the northern side of the bay. Most smaller I/O boats don't seem to have a problem but sailboats with a fixed keel might want to consider a deeper anchorage like Echo Bay or Fossil Bay.     Important! Check Your Chart For Rocks! There are some submerged rocks in the northern side of the bay.

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Boats Tied Up In Shallow Bay Shallow Bay Beach Sucia Island Driftwood On The Beach At Eco Bay Sucia Island  
Sucia Island Sunrise Picnic Table And Fire Ring Ashore At Echo Bay Sucia Island Pay Station And Information Ashore At Echo Bay Sucia Island Marine Park  
Picnic Shelter And BBQ Echo Bay Sucia Restrooms Are A Welcome Sight Ashore At Echo Bay Sucia Island Pay Station Echo Bay  
Trail Leading To Echo Bay On Sucia Island's East Side Unique Rock Formations Along The Shore Of Shallow Bay Sunset On Sucia Island  
How Shallow Bay Got Its Name

Shallow Bay is on the west side of Sucia Island and gets its name from the fact that--you guessed it. Its relatively shallow at about 7 feet in its deeper areas making it unsuitable for larger sailboats and other boats with a deeper draft. At  low tide even less and as you get nearer to the shore even less, but isn't that always the case?  If you have any doubt about your draft you should simply skip Shallow Bay and tie up at one of Sucia's 5 other coves and bays.

Sea Kayak Camping On Sucia
Sucia Island is located 2.5 miles north of Orcas Island Making it a popular destination for Sea Kayakers day tripping to the island as well as overnighters who set up camp for multi day trips. Shallow bay is popular with the Kayak crowd looing for a place to pop their tent for the night. There is a shelter, restrooms and wooded areas offering some protection from the winds that can sometimes kick up at night and carry tents away. Its best to bring extra tent stakes and be sure to use them.  
Picture Of Marine Park Buoy - Shallow Bay Sucia Island WACentral Sucia Island Location

When you moor or anchor in Shallow bay you are near the middle of the island just opposite of Echo Bay with access to the trail system and you actually share the same pay box, picnic shelter, campsites, & pit toilets with Echo Bay visitors.

Anchoring in Shallow Bay is also great for watching the sunsets over Vancouver island and you might be visited by a curious seal or two.Boats Resting For The Night At Sucia Island Marine Park Washington

 Whale Watching Around Sucia Island

Sucia Island is technically within the prime habitat area for whales and locals and regulars to these islands do see them but on a day to day basis you just don't know where the whales will be however, Shallow Bay is on the west side of Sucia Island where whales have been spotted passing through the waters between Sucia and Patos Island. 

Shallow Bay Pay Station

If you're going to use a mooring buoy you will need to make your way ashore to the pay station within 30 minutes of your arrival. The beach has patches of rocky areas but there are two main areas clear for making a landing. On a busy weekend the beach is covered with dinghy's and beachcombers and you might even see a seal or two.   

More Islands To Explore - Patos Island  Marine Park To The West

West of Sucia Isand is the charming Patos Island marine park. Like Sucia it is accessible only from boat. Patos or "Duck" island has a lighthouse and beautiful views of Mount Baker. Patos has only a couple of buoys which are almost always taken but persistence will eventually pay off. On your next trip to Sucia be sure to swing by Patos first and if a buoy is available Grab It! 
Patos Island Seen From Fox Cove - Sucia Island WashingtonBeautiful Patos Lighthouse Stands Watch With Mount Baker In The Distance  

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