Snoring Bay On Sucia Island's East Side Is One Of The Smaller Anchorages Available On The Island
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View - Looking in to Snoring Bay - Sucia Island Washington

 Sucia Island's Snoring Bay has 2 mooring Buoys    

Snoring Bay On Sucia Island WA - Popular Kayaking Destinations In The San Juan Islands

Sucia Island's much talked about Snoring Bay is a sleepy little cove tucked in-between Fossil Bay and Echo bay. Snoring bay has become a favorite destination for those seeking a more intimate anchorage as well as kayakers day-tripping to Sucia Island Marine Park and Sea Kayak tour groups paddling over from Orcas Island 2.5 miles to the south.

This "sleepy" little cove has only two mooring buoys and is relatively shallow so you won't find many larger motor yachts and sailboats here at one time but it can become bustling with kayaks and small boats on weekends.

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Picnic Tables - Snoring Bay - Sucia Island WashingtonSnoring Bay Pay Station

The beach end of the bay is relatively shallow with a very slow rise to the shore.

As you navigate your way into the patches of eel grass you will want to shut off your outboard so you don't fowl your prop or clog your outboard's cooling system. Eventually you have to wade the last hundred feet or so past submerged snags, abandoned fish traps, and perhaps a few angry crabs. Wading through the shallow water is no big deal, unless you're with a friend or spouse that believes stepping on a crab will mean certain death--If you have one of these people in your life, just let her ride in the dinghy and tow her to shore. 

Pay Station Snoring Bay - Sucia Island WashingtonOnce ashore you'll find the pay station off to the right, and a weathered picnic table in the middle with a great view of both snoring cove and mud bay. The thin ridge of pebbles is the only thing separating the two bays.  
 Snoring Bay Actually Lives Up To It's Name

There really isn't all that much there to see or do in Snoring Bay but then that is actually the attraction isn't it? Getting back to nature.

Crab - Snoring Bay - Sucia Island WashingtonOn the island you can explore 10 miles of  trails, some of which with great overlooks of the bays and Puget Sound beyond. There are picnic tables ashore and fire rings which are great for evening campfires when the temperature drops--provided you brought firewood with you. Collecting firewood is prohibited but there isn't any to be found anyway because the people before already picked the surroundings clean. There is driftwood but it usually won't burn. Families with small children might enjoy beachcombing the shallow waters of Snoring bay during low tide
Sucia Island Marine Park Washington - Snoring Bay The San Juan Islands Snoring Bay Pay Station Sucis Island Is Fun For The Whole Family Just Watch Out For Eagles
Beautiful Snoring Bay Sucia Island - San Juan Islands Washington Pay Station Box At Snoring Bay At The Sucia Island Marine Park Wa Drift Wood Collects On The Shores Of Sucia Island Marine Park Wa
Mud Bay - Adjacent To Snoring Bay Sucia Island Wa Rocky Shorelinen Of Sucia Island Marine Park Wa Picnic Tables And Fire Rings On Shore At Snoring Bay Sucia Island Wa
Mud Bay Adjacent To Snoring Bay And Fossil Bay To The South At High Tide The Marsh At Mud Bay Supplies Mosquitos And Other Annoying Insects To All Of Sucia Island Mud Bay At  High Tide Fills With Water From Fossil Bay
Trail Posts Marking The Trails Of Sucia Island Marine Park Washington
Trails Of Sucia Island

On shore at Snoring Bay you can head out for some hiking in two directions, either take the steep ridge trail that climbs up to a vista point giving you great views of Fossil Bay to the south, or go for the more level bay trail circling around mud bay before joining up to the main trail. From there you can continue on to Fossil Bay & Fox Cove or go the the other way and end up at Echo Bay, Shallow Bay & Ewing Cove.

How Snoring Bay Got Its NameHow Snoring Bay It Got Its Name? 

With only two buoys and a small beach, you might think this tiny cove got its name due to the fact that its a sleepy or boring and out of the way place to moor your boat.

Snoring Bay was actually named after a former park ranger who was caught sleeping on the job on the job and snoring loudly. Who would have thought that sleeping on the job would earn such an honor as having a place named after you.    

   Mud Bay - Seperated By Small Ridge From Snoring Bay - Sucia Island

View Of Mud Bay From Snoring Bay

A. Behind this grouping of trees is the popular floating dock in fossil bay.

B. Stone structure from the water system and dock that were part of the quarry operation that once provided sandstone for Seattle. The quarry was closed when the stone was determined to be too soft.

C. Ranger's station / Maintenance Buildings.   A very simple cabin with what looks to be an outhouse out back and a barn.BEAUTIFUL? MUD BAY


Park Ranger Structure Sucia Island Marine ParkMud bay is one of the more historic locations on Sucia Island Marine Park but not one of the most beautiful. This marshy muddy inlet floods with salty water and drains out into Fossil Bay twice a day along with the tides. The Mosquitos & Monster Mud Flies love to swarm visitors and harrass them well into the night.

The marshy areas adjacent to Mud Bay that produces swarms of mosquitoes and other insects to delight and entertain you during your visit to Sucia. A few bugs here and there is part of nature but be warned, when you enter the stretch of trail leading to Echo Bay you could become the next victim of an ambush. A flashmob of mosquitoes and other biting bugs that will swarm you send you running for your life. You won't see any photos from this stretch of trail because each time I've tried to make my way through I had to give up and run for cover. A little insect repellent might make all the difference--be sure to bring some.

Photo Of Mud Bay At Nightfall - Sucia Island Marine Park Washington

The photo to the left is a glamour shot of mud bay at high tide. You can see the ridge between mud bay and snoring bay in the distance.  

At low tide the bay is completely empty.

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