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Stuart Island WA Marine Park - Stuart Island Washington

Stuart Island Marine Park Washington located in the northwest corner of San Juan Islands is part private and part marine park with two harbors and two small aircraft landing strips. Many of the boaters that gravitate here say they prefer Stuart island over Sucia Island and other San Juan anchorages to avoid the crowds and Stuart Island offers them a slightly different experience. Stuart Island Marine Park itself is smaller than it first appears due to the large portions that are private property and posted with no trespassing signs at every turn. The two major harbors at Stuart island, Prevost and Reid harbors are open to visitors year round as well as the park itself in the center of the island. Stuart is a beautiful island with two different hiking trails, campsites, picnic tables, and running water (except in winter). One nice thing about Stuart island is the apparent lack of mosquitoes and other insects found on other area islands.

Stuart Island Pay Station Restrooms At Prevost Harbor Reid Harbor Stuart Island Washington Stuart Island Reid Harbor Stuart Island Wa
Reid Harbor From Hiking Trail - Stuart Island Hiking  Trail Stuart Island Reid Beach - Stuart Island Shoals At Entrance To Prevost Harbor Beach At Reid Harbor
Campsite Ashore At Prevost Harbor Stuart Island Cliff Overlooking Reid Harbor Stuart Island Shorline Trail Prevost Harbor Beach At Prevost Harbor Stuart Island Marine Park Washington
Hiking Trail Stuart Island Marine Park Wa Pay Station At Reid Harbor Stuart Island Wa Stuart Island Wa Prevost Docks Stuart Island Yachts In Reid Harbor
Stuart Island is known for its lighthouse at Turn Point on the island's western shore. Built in 1893, the Turn Point Lighthouse has served shipping traffic through the waters of Boundary Pass over a century.

Prevost Harbor was named after James Charles Prevost an admiral in the British Navy who was key in  the settlement negotiations in the San Juan Island boundary dispute between the U.S. and British Columbia. Admiral Prevost made his mark on a number of places and things including Prevost island in the Gulf Islands of B.C., Mount Prevost on Vancouver Island as well as Charles Rocks and James Bay.
More Islands To Explore - Make A Stop At Patos Island  Marine Park To The West

West of Sucia Isand is the charming Patos Island marine park. Like Sucia it is accessible only from boat. Patos or "Duck" island has a lighthouse and beautiful views of Mount Baker. Patos has only a couple of buoys which are almost always taken but persistence will eventually pay off. On your next trip to Sucia be sure to swing by Patos first and if a buoy is available Grab It! 

Patos Island Seen From Fox Cove - Sucia Island WashingtonBeautiful Patos Lighthouse Stands Watch With Mount Baker In The Distance  





Prevost & Reid Coves - Stuart Island WA Marine Park

Prevost Harbor is on the north side of Stuart island . There are two entrances to Prevost-- One to the east with numerous rocks and hazards. I would suggest you avoid this area altogether because at high tide there are large formations that are only inches under the water.  It is best to enter through the western entrance but watch out for some rocks to your let. During a recent visit I saw numerous larger yachts and sailboats that didn't seem to have any problems or worries getting in and out of the harbor, and many of them simply dropped anchor with ease.

Stewart Island can get busy on weekends. But if you are arrived early in the afternoon, there should still be plenty of buoys available. The floating docks usually fill up before noon so don't count on being able to tie up at the dock.

Island Fever

The San Juan Islands are an international destination drawing visitors from all over the globe to see its many natural wonders. The islands have ranked high on many Must-See lists and ranking it amongst the top destinations in the United States.

The San Juan Islands are breathtakingly beautiful and those fortunate enough to explore them by private small sailboat or motoryacht are rewarded with an almost endless amount of memorable experiences. Stunning vistas and beautiful rocky coastlines at every turn make you want to take countless photos so you can treasure them forever. Be sure to bring along a waterproof digital camera, extra batteries and extra memory sticks.

Do not attempt to visit Stuart island or any island in Puget Sound without an up to date chart. There are rocks and reefs in the most unlikely places and boaters always seem to have an uncanny ability to find submerged hazards. 


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Park Registration Instructions 

Matia Island   Patos Island

Sucia Island Anchorages Photo With Sailboats And Orcas Island In Background

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