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Sucia Island Marine Park WA Registration - What To Do Once You Arrive At The Island

Once you arrive at a Sucia Island Marine Park cove or bay of your choice you will likely want to choose an available buoy to tie up to. Many San Juan Island Marine Park buoys look like this one in the photo. A floating white tire with a small pyramid-like tower and a large ring to loop your anchor line through, although there are other designs, some of which resemble a crab pot marker which you differently don't want to tie up to. Tying up and threading your anchor line through a mooring buoy can be a frustrating experience without a few convenience items like a docking pole and a Buoy threader/grabber, available at are Marine Supply stores.     




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Echo Bay - Sucia Island Marine Park WashingtonTying Up To A Buoy Is Harder Than It Looks?

To tie up to a Buoy, all you do is pass your line through the big ring and tie it off on your deck cleat.  How hard can it be?  Famous last words of anyone that's never done it before. There are many factors that can make your first few times difficult. You may find yourself in awkward positions on the bow of your boat leaning over the water. When your boat is rocking it can make it all the more difficult.      

Buoy threaders are amazing devices with a double hinge and spring action to help you make quick work out of grabbing a buoy but they aren't fool proof, they're somewhat expensive, and the plastic ones break easily.  

Cost : Approximately $ 35.00 for a plastic version and up to $ 350.00 for a deluxe stainless steel model although you might come across a metal version for about $50.00.

Another way to tie up to a buoy is to maneuver your boat to where the buoy is at the side of your transom so you can reach down and thread your line through the buoy ring.  You will then need to carefully make your way back to the bow of your boat to tie off your line.

Do Not Tie Your Line To The Buoy!  Run your line through the ring and tie off both ends on your bow cleat.  This way when it's time to leave you simply untie one end of your line and back away until your line slips out of the ring and you're on your way.

Registration Pay Box - Sucia Island Marine Park WashingtonOnce You Arrive At Sucia Island The Clock Is Ticking To Register

The Washington State Park Service would like you to make your way to shore and register within 30-mintues of your arrival, although it isn't likely they time the arrival of every boat, it is still a good idea to go pay up so you can get down to the business of having fun. Hopping in your dinghy and making your way to shore is something you'll want to do anyway. Bring along exact change, a pencil or pen to fill out your registration form, and bring your camera because you'll want to get a picture of your boat moored out in the bay.  


Dinghy Dock In Echo Bay - Sucia Island Marine Park WashingtonWhere Do You Pay And Register On Sucia Island?  

Each of the 6 bays and coves of Sucia Island have a pay station on shore with registration forms and a drop box. Ewing Cove Signs Ashore - Sucia Island Marine Park WashingtonThey are easy to find even though some of them are tucked away behind the trees or off to the side of the beach. There are often small park service signs pointing you in the right direction.You will also find  pay stations near each floating dock in Fossil bay, each of which has a small portion of the dock marked and reserved for dinghies so people can come ashore to register. 


How Much Will This Cost To Register? (Check Official State Park Website For Current Prices)
  • To dock on a floating pier the fee is .70 cents per foot with a $15.00 minimum. (2018)
  • Moorage buoys are $15 a night.
  • An annual moorage permit fee is $5.00 per foot, with a minimum of $80.
  • Buoys, floating docks & Facility use is first come, first served.
  • Fees Are Subject To Change Without Notice


The park ranger and his staff collects the envelopes from the pay stations and then trolls around the harbor checking off boats from his list of those that have registered..This is made easier if your boat has a name on its transom but if yours isn't named don't worry about it. Day use areas can be reserved from the Washington State Park Service by calling 360 376-2073

Dinghy Dock - Sucia Island Marine Park WashingtonIs it Okay To Raft Up Next To Another Boat?

Yes, but you will both be charged $15 each (2018) for the use of the buoy and the size of your boats are limited so you don't overload the buoy. Keep in mind that you're only allowed to tie up in one place for 3-consecutive nights, and even if you decide to anchor and don't use a buoy you still need to go ashore and register so the park service can keep accurate attendance records.

Wayward Drifting Dinghy

On busy weekends and holidays the buoys and docks fill up fast so you might be tempted to tie up your dinghy to a buoy to reserve it for later.You would then leave for a few hours to do some fishing or go on a short cruise. This is not allowed by the park service and if you decide to do it anyway, don't be surprised when you return to find your dinghy set adrift, and even though the anchorage is full of people, it's likely no one will have witnessed a thing.


  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted only in designated campground and picnic areas.
  • All Pets Must Remain On Their Leashes
  • Don't Be An Asshole You Are On Holiday And So Is Everyone Else
  • Generators are not allowed after 10pm to ensure quiet time.
  • Loud Music Is Not Permitted.
  • Fishing and Crabbing requires a license
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