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Many of Sudden Valley Washington's  homes have beautiful views of Lake Whatcom,  Some are right on the Sudden Valley Golf Course, While others are nestled in the trees or enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding wooded hills and greenbelt areas. 


Sudden Valley's waterfront parks are exceptional, with numerous picnic benches thoughtfully placed in picturesque locations, and there are covered barbeque areas for all weather outdoor entertaining and events.    The covered barbeque shelters and pavilions can even be reserved for private events  for a small fee.   

Sudden Valley WA on the shores of beautiful Lake Whatcom - Bellingham Washington

Sudden Valley  Deer Sudden Valley WA - AM/PM Soccer FieldMorning & Afternoon Beaches

Also known as AM & PM beaches,  this beautiful lakeside park occupies a peninsula of land on the south side of Sudden Valley's golf course, separated by a calm lagoon popular for launching canoes and sea kayaks. The entrance to the AM/PM park has a wide greenbelt and soccer field, a picnic shelter, and plenty of parking. A hiking trail begins near the picnic shelter and winds its way through the heavily wooded portions of the park overlooking the lake, before leading you down to the sandy beach on the opposite side of the park. There are also connecting trails here and there leading to the highest point of the bluff overlooking beautiful lake Whatcom. You will want to keep an eye out for the friendly deer that frequent the area looking for a handout and you will likely see a number of squirrels and birds amongst the trees and ferns. As you look up you may also see one of the resident bald eagles soaring overhead.   


Sudden Valley AM/PM Beach Pavillion

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Morning Beach - Sudden Valley AM/PM PARKPrivate Lake Access 

Am Beach  is a designated swimming area cordoned off with floating rope markers, picnic  tables, and a sandy beach.     As you look out  over the water you can see a private island in the middle of Lake Whatcom as well as a summer camp operating just down the waterfront. In summer months you will see a number of happy campers in their paddleboats, water bikes, as well as sailboats tacking their way around the lake. The tables along the beach are a great place for a picnic or just to have a seat and enjoy the  beauty of this sparsely populated portion of Lake Whatcom.  


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Sudden Valley WA - AM/PM Beach ParkGolfing Paradise

One of Sudden Valley's greatest attractions for some is the magnificent Sudden Valley Golf Course.  Even non-golfers will enjoy views of the professionally maintained greens that meander through the community. 

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