Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Is An Annual Event Attracting Over A Million Visitors Each Year 

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Mount Vernon WA

Springtime in Skagit Valley brings a very special event that draws over a million people per year from all 50 American States, Canada, and over 50 countries. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival tends to overshadow yet another raving beauty that   blooms approximately the same time as the tulips--The Daffodil.  Only 30 minutes south of Bellingham,  The annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a stunning display of one of natures most colorful flowers--The tulip and includes other events like wine tasting and art sales. There are no words adequate to describe the vast fields of color which leads many people to simply ooh and ahh as they walk from row to row of ever more beautiful flowers.

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Tulip Fields Alive With Color At The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Tulips In The Sun At The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Tulip Varieties Offer Contrasting Colors At The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Tulips On Display At The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Skagit Valley Tulips On Display
Magnificent Tulips Offer Bright Colors In A Vivid Rainbow Of Flowers Tulips Are Associated With The Netherlands However Many Varities Are Actually From The Middle East Tulip Garden Displays At The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Fields Of Tulips Seem To Stretch As Far As the Eye Can See Rows Of Tulips Appear To Tower Overhead At The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Honey Buckets Await Happy Visitors To The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Tulip Display - Skaget County Tulip Festival It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but photos also allow each visitor to bring home stunning images of the festival to share with family and friends.

It is not uncommon to max out every memory stick and run down their camera battery taking shot after stunning shot of the tulips in full bloom at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Tulip Festival Garden - Landscape Biadue

Your Opportunity To Tiptoe Through The Tulips -
Tulip Time In Skagit Valley is typically April 1st through April 30th is a not to be missed event
Beautiful Fields Of Tulips - Skaget County Tulip Festival Beautiful fairhaven - Bellingham's historic waterfront community

The showy perennial tulip comes in up to 109 species in a myriad of colors. The range of native tulips extends from from Israel to Southern Europe however tulips are cultivated around the world from Australia to North America. What's your favorite Tulip?




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Take Some Fresh Cut Tulips Home With You 

After walking through countless blooming tulips and marveling at their simple beauty you're going to want to take some home with you and fortunately you can do just that. The tulip growers set up elaborate displays and large temporary concession tents where you can purchase a bouquet of your favorite colored flowers.   

If you have a hard time choosing your favorite flowers you can always buy two, three, or more bouquets. The cut flowers are very affordable and even more so the more you purchase.  

Once you get the tulips home there are some specific things you can do to keep your tulips happy, like cutting the stems underwater at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors. This prevents the stems from getting air bubbles in them which prevents the flower from siphoning up water. Every two days cut one inch from the tulip stems to allow flowers to continue to absorb water. Keep the water topped off and use other methods to keep your tulips looking good like adding a crushed aspirin to their water or add 3 drops of bleach per quart of water to keep your cut flowers looking beautiful longer.

The Alaska Marine Highway Begins at the Cruise Terminal In Bellingham's Historic Fairhaven District
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Photo ContestHow Tulips Are Propagated - How Do They Grow Tulips?

Tulips can be propagated through seeds, bulbs, or micropropagation. Seed raised tulips show a greater genetic variation and this method is most often used to create new hybrid varieties. 

Skagit Valley WA Tulip Festival Photo Contest - Your Chance To Show Off Your Photos

  • Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors snap countless photos of the colorful displays of vivid colors. When the fields and display gardens are in full bloom it is as if every flower in every direction is worthy of a picture postcard. Just point and shoot and you are sure to have a dazzling photo masterpiece.  If you are interested in entering the Tulip Festival Photo Contest the hardest part may be selecting which photo to enter. You can be sure that contest organizers are deluged with photos from professional as well as armature photographers. Here are some of the rules for entering the Skagit Tulip Festival Photo Contest
  • Your photo must have been taken no earlier than April 1, 2013 - How they can verify this is an interesting question.
  • Only one entry per person/email address per week. If you send in more, all entries from your email will be deleted for that week.
  • When you submit your photos you must grant publication rights to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with no compensation. You can bask in the glory of your photo credit and get a free Tulip Festival Poster. It is a great honor for your photograph to be selected from the countless entries the panel receives each year.
  • To enter send your photo to and include your name, mailing address, your email address, telephone number, and the date your photo was taken.
Like Individual Flames - Tulips Delight Visitors To The Skagit Tulip Festival
Tulips As Far As The Eye Can See

2006 Skagit County Washington Tulip Festival Photos

Carpet Of Color - Skaget County Tulip Festival

Tulipmania Dutch Tulip Market Crash Of 1637Tulips Are Grown For The Bulb Not The Flower

The countless colorful flowers in fields stretching as far as the eye can see are actually  only a byproduct of what the growers really want to grow---  More tulip bulbs. A very small fraction of these flowers ever end up in someone's vase or for sale in area nurseries, but the bulbs are shipped around the world throughout the year.   

Tulipmania - The Great Tulip Crash

The Roozen Gaarde Has One Of The Most Elaborate And Colorful Flower Gardens - A Must See Stop On Your Tulip Festival TourTulipmania is a name given to the tulip bulb trading craze that hit the Netherlands during the mid-1600's creating a financial bubble though speculation that drove the price of some tulip bulbs to incredible heights. When the market collapsed, people lost fortunes and the entire Dutch economy suffered severely for many years.

During the height of the tulip trading frenzy successful tulip traders could earn in excess of $60,000 buying and selling tulip bulbs with some bulbs selling for today's equivalent of about $1,200.00, and it was said that 12 acres of land were once offered for a certain type of tulip bulb. When the tulip market imploded tulip bulb prices crashed to only 1-one hundredth of their former price. It is easy to laugh at the thought of a tulip bulb price spikes but it is not much different than any market in which supply and demand drives prices up. In 2000 an ounce of gold was worth $312.00 but the same ounce of gold now goes for almost  $1,600.00. Recent news has compared the rise and fall of Bitcoin to the great tulip crash.

Restaurants Near The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

There are a huge number of restaurants located in the communities surrounding the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Flower Fields. Whether you are looking for fast food or something more exotic at a sit-down restaurant. We have chosen a few that are worth your consideration.

Burlington Wa Mount Vernon Wa Anacortes Wa Mount Vernon Downtown
Carino's Italian
150 Cascade Mall
Burlington, Wa 98233
(360) 757-4535
Skagit Valley's Farmhouse Restaurant
13724 Laconner Whitney Rd.
Mount Vernon, Wa 98273
(360) 466-4411  (A Top Pick)
Two Salmon Cafe At Swinomish Casino
12885 Casino Drive
Anacortes, Wa 98221
(360) 293-2691
Thai House Restaurant
616 South 1st Street

Mount Vernon, Wa 98273
(360) 336-2966 (A Top Pick)

Lodging During The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

If you will be staying in the Skagit Valley area during the Tulip Festival you have a wide choice of accommodations to choose from in the surrounding communities near the tulip fields of Skagit County.  The largest number of accommodations are found in Burlington and Mount Vernon, as well as Anacortes and LaConnor.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Area Lodgings
Burlington Wa Mount Vernon Wa Anacortes Wa Swinomish Casino Lodge
Candlewood Suites
1866 South Burlington Blvd.
Burlington, Wa 98233
(360) 755-3300
Best Western College Way Inn
300 West College Way
Mount Vernon, Wa 98273
0 424-4287
Anacortes Ship Harbor Inn
5316 Ferry Terminal Road
Anacortes, Wa 98221
(800) 852-8568
Swinomish Lodge
12885 Casino Drive
Anacortes, Wa 98221
(888) 288-8883
Tulip Dream Garden - Skaget County Tulip Festival Windmill At The Skaget County Tulip Festival Terrific Tulips - Skaget County Tulip Festival

Yellow Tulips - Skaget County Tulip Festival

There is a nominal admission fee to enter the tulips displays and gardens during the tulip festival ($2-$5)

15867 Beaver Marsh Rd.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(800) 732-3266 or (360) 424-8531.
Official Web Site:

Tulip Town

15002 Bradshaw Rd.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) 424-8152


Roozengaarde Tulip Garden Mount Vernon Washington - Skaget County Tulip Festival

Tulip Fields Of Red - Skaget County Tulip Festival


Photo TULIP FIELDS Amazing Carpet Of Color - Skagit County Tulip Festival
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